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The most basic computer embroidery machine is maintenance

The most basic lejia Embroidery machine  is maintenance. Dust removal, refueling is the most basic, the most important. Especially in the summer, you should pay more attention to the heat dissipation of the X and Y drive boxes.

For the Tajima machine, the cable behind the drive box should be tied to both sides, leaving a large space for ventilation, and the cooling fan is broken. It must be replaced immediately, and the machine is dusted regularly. For the shuttle bed, it should be regularly sprayed with white oil or anti-rust oil. Sometimes the machine car is very loud to half of the shuttle bed, which is caused by lack of oil in the shuttle bed.

Needle bar box, needle bar drive center shaft, UFO assembly, is the key refueling place. Some thicker oils can be added to these areas. The needle bar box is less oiled, and the hole under the presser foot and the needle bar will accelerate the wear and tear, and if it is serious, the hole of the base of the machine head will be worn out. The drive shaft has less oil and will wear the steel sleeve and the center shaft in the middle of the drive rubber.

When worn out, the drive glue will shake, the needle bar will shift, and there will be more chances of disconnection. More seriously, the drive block is stuck with the center axis and the machine is not moving. Then there is the size of the connecting rod, the fuel between the silver arms, these computerized embroidery machine no oil will only accelerate the wear and cause loose. The rest is the UFO component. There is a refueling hole on the top. Because it is a needle roller bearing, it will cause the needle to loosen and wear without oil. It is recommended that high temperature bearing grease be added during overhaul in this place and it will not be dried. The shuttle bed is usually adjusted and sanded. The X and Y axis limit switches are not fixed, otherwise the frame will speed up the damage of the small bearings. This is the basic maintenance of the machine.