Our Classroom Website

Welcome to Ms. Shannon's English Language Arts!

This website will be your primary location for finding anything you need for our class. Be sure to check here regularly for study guides, tips & tricks, missing work, or any additional information you may need.

Rules for my class

1. One Voice - there should only be one voice heard at a time. If someone is talking, please wait your turn!

2. Two on the floor? Nobody more! - Let's keep traffic to a minimum and ensure that everyone is working without distractions. If you need to leave your seat for any reason, look around for others out of their seat. If there are already two people up, then wait until someone sits down.

3. Three before me - Any time you have a general knowledge question (Where is the pencil sharpener? When is our homework due? What page are we on?), ask three of your classmates before you ask me. This will allow me to continue teaching and not stop for every issue all the time. (Note: if you do not understand something I am teaching, raise your hand and ask me at any time! If you have questions, there's probably someone else that does, too!)

4. Remember the 4 R's for a great experience in this class:

  • R- Respect. Always respect yourself and others
  • R-Read. Complete your assigned reading
  • R- Responsible. Be responsible for your own materials and assignments (and if you make a mistake, kindly accept responsibility for that was well and we will move along quickly!)
  • R- Reasonable. Be reasonable with me and I will be reasonable with you yes

5. In the event of absence or illness, you have five days (school days, not class days) to complete and turn in your missing work. You must obtain it from the schedule and the absent bin on your own, I will not track you down to provide it to you.