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Engineering Design 4-2-19

Save the date:  On April 23 we will be taking an all day field trip to the planetarium in Killeen.


The Universe Webquest

Using the websites answer the following questions on the worksheet provided and turn it in by the end of the period.  

Johannes Kepler

  1. Who was Johannes Kepler? During what century did he live?

  2. Kepler believed in the Copernican system. What did that system state?

  3. How did Kepler change that system? Define the new orbital shape that he developed.


Shapes of the Galaxies

  1. Name the 3 types of galactical shapes and define them. Describe the characteristics of each.

  2. What do almost all galaxies have in common?

  3. What type of galaxy is ours?


Planetary Orbits

  1. How does the distance from the sun a planet is relate to the velocity in which it travels?


  1. Play the game in the 2nd link. What happens if a planet is travelling to fast given its distance from the Sun? What about if it’s travelling too slow?

  2. Let’s say an object is travelling 30 km/sec, 200,000,000 km from the sun. About how long will it take for that planet to revolve around the Sun 1 time?


  1. What are the current theories on the end of the universe? Will it keep on expanding; or, will it slow down and start contracting (the « Big Crunch »)


  1. Can we look back into time and see the beginning of the universe?




  1. What is the current theory on the age of the universe?



  1. How does our distance from galaxies relate to their speed at which they are moving away from us?



  1. What kind of Doppler Shift did Hubble observe in these distant galaxies?



  1. According to the expansion law do the galaxies expand away from each other equally? Explain.


Look up leafblower hovercrafts and begin thinking about your own design for this.  What supplies do you need and what design would you like to make.  On a separate piece of paper, make a supply list that you need for this hovercraft. Turn this in also.

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