Classwork April 18-22

Week 12 Classwork

(April 18-22)


lunes, 18 de abril

1. Review the Present perfect (page 370)

2. Review the Subjunctive (page 374)

3. "Storyboard" activity. Fold a sheet of blank paper into six sections. In each block, write a sentence using a vocabulary word/phrase from pages 366-369 in the textbook as well as a drawing that relates to the sentence. (There should be 2 sheets of paper used in this activity, for a total of 24 sentences and 24 drawings.) If not finished in class, complete for homework.


martes, 19 de abril

1. Study silently for the quiz for 5-10 minutes

2. Take the Chapter 10 quiz

3. Continue working on group projects. Groups should finish posters today in class.

4. Receive homework assignment pages 115-117 in the workbook. 


miercoles, 20 de abril

1. Review the homework

2. Read through page 382 (Preterite and imperfect) and complete exercise 26

3. Read through page 384 (The present progressive and the future) 

4. Watch Grama Vision 

5. Read through page 386 (The subjunctive)

6. Complete exercise 33 (page 386)

*Don't forget to prepare your projects for the presentations tomorrow!!!


jueves, 21 de abril

1. Meet with your groups for 10 minutes to prepare presentations

2. Turn in rubrics with your names on them

3. Each group will present their group's project

4. The class will vote on their favorite for extra points


viernes, 22 de abril

No school today