Below are the three topics for the Final Exam. You must choose one topic to write about. The essay must be at least 100 words. The writing portion of the Final Exam will take place MONDAY JUNE 6, 2011.


Chapter 10

Write a letter to an exchange student from Argentina who is coming to spend the summer in your town. Include:

-Five things that you reccommend that he or she do,

- Three places he or she should visit,

- Where you reccommend that he or she stay


Chapter 1

Write an essay about yoruself for the class yearbook. Be sure to include:

-A description of yourself,

-What you used to do as a child,

-Activities you enjoy now,

-Tell about some of the things you did last year and

-Express some of your hopes and wishes for the year


Chapter 2

Write about yoru plans for the spring break and explain why you did not follow them.

-Name the activities you wanted tot do

-Places you wanted to visit

-People you wanted to meet