My Classroom Website


 I am so glad that you found your way to my space.  You will learn more than you've ever learned before about literature.  Please consult this website for upcoming assignments, due dates, etc.  We will read between 8 and 10 major literary works this year.  The titles that have been chosen range from classics to contemporary pieces.  

 A student teacher will be joining us in late September.  She is from Meredith College, and I have agreed to allow her to come into my classroom during the Fall semester.  I've never had a student teacher before, but I hope we can provide her with a hands-on learning experience that will make her grateful for choosing teaching as a profession.

 I love what I do, and I love helping students learn.  Please know that your teachers are here to help you be successful in every way.  I am available during most activity times during the week.  The only day that I will not be availabe is on Wednesdays, and that holds true for all your core teachers.  Wednesday is our team/grade meeting day.

 My e-mail address is  Please don't forget to include the "2."  Otherwise, it goes to a sweet elementary school teacher who doesn't want to be responsible for forwarding my e-mails to me because my students didn't enter the address correctly.Yell

 Throughout the year, this website will be used to showcase pictures and other happenings in my classroom.  Don't be surprised if your work is showcased here.  So, always do your best work for me.