Shushan Times Weekly

In Shushan, rank is not everything. Even a good talisman is not everything. The player's strength, most of the time, depends on the swordsmanship he practices, the power of the magic, and the superior operation. The swordsmanship that everyone chooses to learn will have basic swordsmanship ranging from ten strokes to twenty strokes. If you are not a hard-working player, you can use these routine attack modes to play from beginning to end. If you switch to free manipulation, the level of swordsmanship will be very important. No matter what swordsmanship the player practices, it will eventually be divided into five levels of swordsmanship. Respectively, in and out of Qingming, control the sword thousands of miles, follow the heart, body and sword in one,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, place the primordial spirit. Green Destiny Flying Sword can form a layer of sword gas outside the body, and the flying of the Royal Sword is not blown by the wind. The attack range of the sword is expanded to 200 kilometers, and the usual swordsmanship can only slay targets within 50 kilometers. You can make the flying sword big or small, and even change the shape of the attack. The combination of the body and the sword can make the body and the flying sword work together, and the lethality of attack and defense increases sharply. Reposing the primordial spirit allows the player to attach the flying sword to the primordial spirit,ceramic bobbin heater core, which is of great use. In the announcement of the system just now, it was clearly stated that the player named Yueyue'er had reached the highest level of sustenance in terms of swordsmanship. He is the only person who has reached this level. Volume II Game Bagua Party Chapter 40 Royal Sword Sends Primordial God (Part Two) Shushan's flying sword operation is a key link related to personal strength. It can even be said that the operation technology of flying sword is about equal to 70% of a player's strength. Upgrading the level of swordsmanship is entirely the proficiency of players who rely on their own practice. However, once the player's level of operating the flying sword has reached a higher level, he can take part in the examination of this door. The system will reward an additional skill as an encouragement. The level of swordsmanship is closely related to everyone's operation skills. Generally speaking, less than one tenth of the players can reach the first level of access to Green Destiny. The second layer of Royal Sword is thousands of miles away, and at least tens of thousands of players participate in the assessment every day. But at present, there are only 8,000 people who can pass safely. And the number is increasing very slowly. Those who can be successfully promoted to the third level have been regarded as masters of operation in Shushan. Strength is much higher than that of players of the same level. And reach the fourth level of Royal Swordsmanship, body and sword in one. Not only the skill of reward can expand the power of flying sword more than three times, Ceramic Bobbin ,ceramic bobbin heater, but also its strength is terrible, which can easily kill players who are ten levels higher than their own level. And this kind of master is represented by this kind of abnormal fighting king, such as Qingfeng Mingjian. It is said that there are only a dozen of them. Qingfeng Mingjian has tried more than ten tests of the primordial spirit, but unfortunately all ended in failure. It is undoubtedly a heavy blow to him to hear that someone has taken the lead in reaching the realm of the primordial spirit. Also because of this, will be in the duel slightly under the God, if caught by the eastern orange, unexpectedly want to kill him. Fortunately, Qingfeng Mingjian, after all, was so strong that he returned to the sword in time. Instead, when Oriental Orange was attacking with all its strength, he broke the defense with one sword and killed it in seconds. After listening to the facts in these rumors, Oriental Orange is speechless. This world is really unfair. Others should kill her, and she killed others for this reason and that reason. Only God knows, at the moment of being cut by her. What on earth is Qingfeng Mingjian thinking in his heart. In a word, it's just that these people don't believe that she has the ability to counterattack Qingfeng Mingjian at all. Dongfang Ling said with a smile, "I just haven't seen you for a few days. Orange's swordsmanship is so powerful. It's really amazing that people like Qingfeng Mingjian can fight for half a day.". When can you go back to Yunnan. Let's help Xiaoxia brush the task together. "Ling, you are the most understanding person I know." Oriental Orange Ruo finally has to admit that this handsome man can be supported by Chu Youxia and many other beauties, and every day he has to get together to practice, thanks entirely to his personal charm. Handsome men are popular, gentle and considerate handsome men are the only ones that people miss. It's no wonder that none of the little MMs who went to the duel field under the guise of helping her refuel looked at her. And they all stick their eyes on some handsome guy. Dongfang Ling said gently: "I am telling the truth.". Now there are very few players who can survive a minute under the hand of Qingfeng Mingjian. You can force him to dodge for half a day and destroy several magic weapons of him. It's really strong, at least much stronger than me. I just looked at it for a long time. I don't think I can last three minutes under his hands. Uh. Has Orange ever taken part in the examination of Royal Sword? Oriental Orange shook her head, she really did not pay attention to this swordsmanship. In this way, it is no wonder that every time she flies with her sword, she feels that the wind is so strong that it is hard for her to breathe. She never feels that there is anything to say about flying in the sky. Now I know that there is a lack of basic skills. I'm going to take the swordsmanship test now. For the sake of the comfort of flying in the future, if Oriental Orange knows his mistake, he will get up and plan to take a test of Royal Swordsmanship. After two steps, it suddenly occurred to me that the Royal Sword Examination mentioned by Dongfang Ling just now seemed to be carried out at the school NPC. Her school is like the Snow Mountain School, a remote barren mountain tens of millions of kilometers away from Huangshan Mountain. He asked Gao Zhuoyin casually, and the answer he got immediately made Oriental Orange stay there, unable to advance or retreat. Legend has it that Yunnan is the nearest system city to the Snow Mountain School. After starting in Yunnan,steatite c221, it has been flying in the northwest direction. If you don't get lost and keep a straight line, you will be able to reach the snow mountain after two months of flying in the system time. For a master sister who doesn't even know where the Snow Mountain Sect is, Gao Zhuoyin's contemptuous conclusion is: Just you? It is estimated that I can't fly to the snow mountain in half a year. Maybe I hang up too many times on the road and fall back to level 0 directly. It's better to give up this great ideal and have a good time to make wine.