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The two men followed the time and space channel opened by the little hairball to a place like a dream. This time, they came here not to practice, but to relax, so the little hairball took them to the place dream. This is a magical place. Everything here makes people feel sweet and happy. It is the place where some people like to bring their loved ones. They need this kind of place to stimulate the taste of love that they have almost forgotten. What a beautiful place. It's a dream. When Qian Mo looked at the surrounding environment, feeling really like in a dream will come to the place, there are couples everywhere, everything is in pairs, and all the things here will make people fall in love at a glance. This is also the only time to come to a different time and space without being taken care of by accident. The accident here is to be hit by a sweet crit. Two people hand in hand like all lovers in the same unbridled wandering here, what fate, what is manipulated, now two people do not want to think. Chapter 497 Sweet Journey II. "Passing by, don't miss it. There is the most beautiful sea of love fantasy in the world. Leave your dream place and take away your dream place." Listening to the propaganda, Shi Qianmo was still very interested, pulling Xuanyuan Zhan ran past, and saw all kinds of unexpected places flashing in the air, some beautiful space, some sea world, and underground world, in short, all kinds of strange things. How to play? Shi Qianmo was so curious that he stood in front of a man who looked like a staff member and asked. Noble fairies,alumina c799, all it takes is two people working together to imagine a world of yours, and then the image will appear. It sounds like a lot of fun, when Qian Mo took Xuanyuan Zhan's hand and wanted to try it. Come on, but you know my imagination. Holding Shi Qianmo's waist, Xuanyuan Zhan sat with her in front of an instrument. You two just need to put this on and imagine the scene, and the instrument will show the image according to your imagination. When Qian Mo and Xuan yuan Zhan put on their headgear, they closed their eyes and began to imagine. Unlike others,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, the first thing they thought of was the scene in 1942, where they first met and got to know each other from then on. The image is a little bit clear, with the modern environment, the combination of ancient buildings and modern buildings, has a unique charm, and the scene also has the forest and the sea, looking particularly beautiful. All right, this is your image. It's stored here. Click it when you want to see it. The staff gave a small video camera to two people. May I ask, why do you collect these pictures? Everything here is free of charge, enjoy yourself, but Shi Qianmo can't figure out why. These pictures are for some friends who like to travel, and these scenes will be developed by the Time and Space Travel Center as a reference. So that's what I mean. I can't complain that there will be free things. All the things here are probably to provide material for the development of the space-time tourism center. But no matter what people are doing when Qian Mo feel fun on the right, know the general situation, they experienced a lot of interesting things, ceramic igniter electrodes ,Alumina Ceramic C795, but also really understand a variety of love games. The two people who had a good time did not see the worried eyes of the little hairball, but these are not suitable for them to say now, what it can do is to delay as much time as possible, so that they can finish the engagement ceremony, and always leave an explanation to their families. This kind of simple is to play in different time and space is really too good, when Qian Mo is not willing to leave, but she understands that this kind of thing is certainly not often, or to face the reality of the good, to be able to play here for a few days has been a very big surprise. Honey, will you spend more time with your family when I get back? Xuanyuan Zhan lies on the blue sea, which is a very realistic environment, but it is not a real sea water, but a water bed, but there are many marine animals under the water bed, which are particularly ornamental aquatic animals. I'm sorry to separate you from your family because of me. ” To tell the truth, when Qian Mo is very guilty, she did not think of the beginning of the mistake, let her pull this man to their side, but also let him completely separate from the previous life. Silly, tell me what sorry, I am pestering you, to be able to accompany you is the greatest happiness of my life. It's his choice. How can he go back on his word? And his family is not without him. I feel that I am particularly bad. I don't want to experience such a life. In my previous life, I wanted to live a plain life, but it was not satisfactory. In this life, I thought it was a gift from God, but it turned out to be a big conspiracy. Although in their world, only known for more than half a year, but in different time and space two people have experienced a lot of things, Xuanyuan war can understand when Qian Mo's mood. I am with you, no matter how the next road, we face together. Shi Qianmo is a pessimist. She knows that it's wrong to have negative emotions now, but she can't control her thoughts. Thanks to you, otherwise I would have chosen to end all this and disappear. That's what she thinks. Anyway, she is a person who can do whatever she wants. And she is also a selfish person. Who cares about the things after death? Maybe this is the reason why she can't get happiness. In her previous life, everyone said that she was very poisonous. It was the kind of selfish poison to a certain extent. What are you talking about? I have everything. Even if I die, don't die. Xuanyuan Zhan is afraid that one day when he dies, this woman will be even more negative. Xuanyuan war, if one day it really has to end with death, then you must let me die first, I'm afraid I can't bear to face the scene of your death, OK? When Qian Mo is really afraid, she has been very selfish, but now she has a loved one, so she does not want to experience the pain of loss,Kamado bbq grill, her ability to bear is limited, by Xuanyuan war pet now is unable to accept that kind of scene. All right, if you want to die together! It's good to have company on the way to the afterlife. global-ceramics.com