Quickly wear to save the male partner

"Why don't you go hunting when you have time to argue?" A calm and cold voice passed slowly. Hearing this, the male beast quickly loosened Jane, such as "Leopard King." This little mother beast is not obedient. I will educate her. I saw three orcs coming towards me, and these three were the man, the man, and the tiger. Isn't this the little orc I saw during the day? How did you come here in a moment? The tiger saw Jane's face and said with interest. Jane covered her upper body with tears in her eyes because of the pain just now. She looked up at the three people in front of her and breathed a sigh of relief. It's okay, it's okay. The tiger looked at her pitiful appearance and felt a touch of clarity in his heart. I told you, the little mother beast would be in danger alone. Jane looked at him and frowned slightly. Although they know him in the plot, they don't seem to have seen him. However, at this moment, it is necessary for her to hold her thighs tightly and hold the thighs of her male partner! Therefore She looked at the leopard pitifully, and then tears began to fall down, "I, I want to go home.." The leopard looked at her watery and pitiful eyes, frowned slightly, and then looked coldly at the opposite male beast. "Although the female beast is rare, it is definitely not something you can marry by force." As the words fell, he walked up to Jane. "It's getting late. Come back to my place with me first." When the words fell, he directly carried Jane at the waist and turned away. The tiger, who was left out, looked at the lion and shrugged his shoulders. "I told you, this little cutie is the type that leopards like." When the words fell, he stretched himself and said, "Cheng, it seems that I am the only one who goes back to Dongshan to look for the little mother beast. Hey, life is sad." When the words fell,warehousing storage solutions, he walked lazily to the mountain forest. But the lion sharp also only lightly glanced at that male beast, slowly left. The orc world.. It's time to deal with such a male beast who ignores other people's opinions. Chapter 295: Age of Orcs 5 Jane, who was carried by the leopard, was extremely embarrassed. After all, she has nothing on her upper body now. The orc world is really cheating. But it's okay. At least when she woke up, this body wasn't naked. The leopard did not speak all the way, but strode her across the river to his boundary. In this world, as long as the ability is strong, you can have a completely own boundary, between the two rivers, all the places are his. I saw everything in front of me, green grass everywhere, and in the middle of the boundary, heavy duty cantilever racks ,heavy duty cantilever racks, a thatched cottage was built, and behind the thatched cottage, there was an open cave. He carried her to the thatched cottage and put her on the bed made of wood. Rest by yourself and send you home tomorrow. The leopard didn't even look at her and said in a cold voice. Jane covered her chest and said shyly, "Are there any extra leaves?"? I I want to cover my upper body. The leopard looked at her lightly, then took the animal skin that covered his lower body directly, threw it on her body, and then turned away naked. Therefore Jane Ru was directly stunned in place. She. I think I saw something I shouldn't have seen just now. Are all the male beasts in the orc world so open? Is it really good to take off the animal skin that covers the body directly in front of her? She stroked her forehead feebly, then looked at the animal skin full of male breath on her body, and finally sighed helplessly and surrounded it on her body. It's better to be dirty than naked. Because the animal skin is only a small piece, around the body, the width is enough. The length is not enough. Her shoulders and so on are exposed, and if she moves too much, it's easy to get naked. But obviously.. Now, she has no way to make any resistance, can only temporarily accept fate. Jane waved her cat ears, and after a while, she sat on the bed with empty eyes and no reaction. And this also makes Yang Chen, who has been observing Jane, a little worried. "Host?"? Host? He showed himself and looked at her anxiously. "Host, what's wrong with you?"? Why are you so dull. And Jane, as if she had not heard, was still dull. However, after a while, she shook her body with some physical exhaustion, the cat's ears moved subconsciously, and the tail swept. Then She fell on the bed, closed her eyes, and fell into a deep sleep. Yang Chen saw this, also completely frozen in place. Original Was that just a prelude to sleep! Host! How can you completely inherit the characteristics of a cat! That's scary. Good meow! Because this body has just formed an orc, and both emotions and personality are still in the stage of a kitten. That is to say. Jane now inherits the form of a kitten. So, it will be particularly cute, and not cold! And! The milk cat has a very big characteristic, is loves clingy! Although This has not yet been reflected in Jane. But it feels like it's coming. Jane slept until noon the next day. She sat up in a daze, her mouth slightly pursed, her cat's ears moving, and her tail sweeping around. The hairy and colorful tail fully reflects the spirit of getting up when she just woke up. Are you awake? I'll take you home. The leopard sat on a chair made of wood and looked at her indifferently. Jane looked at the leopard in a daze and wagged her tail. Meow, go to sleep. When the words fell, she fell back and fell asleep again. The leopard looked at Jane who continued to sleep, his eyes narrowed slightly, and then slowly stood up and walked to the bedside. Jane's mouth pouted slightly, her closed eyes revealed a hint of cuteness, her ears drooped aside,shuttle rack system, and her tail would sweep from time to time. The leopard crouched on the edge of the bed and raised her hand to rub her cat's ears, with a hint of inquiry in her eyes. According to the male, the little female calls herself a cat-orc.. jracking.com