which is still within the acceptable range of legitimacy

But their worry is obviously unnecessary, no matter what kind of patient, Chen Yang is very quick to judge the condition, if the more dangerous serious illness will even directly use the True Qi to help cure, the speed is also quite fast, and never wrong, this is much better than the beginning of sitting here, last time there was no such magical "Qigong" as True Qi. Strictly speaking, Chen Yang's medical skills have already surpassed the ancient doctors by a large margin. To put it bluntly, it is not too much to say that Chen Yang is now the person with the best medical skills in the world, even in the realm of practice far away from the secular world. In the morning, Chen Yang actually handled nearly 100 patients by himself, with an average of only a few minutes. For those who have some troublesome serious illnesses, Chen Yang will use the True Qi of medicine. As for those minor illnesses, it is better to take medicine honestly. Occasionally, people's bodies will be healthier for minor illnesses. Take some bitter Chinese medicine, which can also make these patients cherish their bodies more. Of course, those who got cancer patients Chen Yang still did not directly help them solve,industrial racking systems, Chen Yang is currently using the means to solve some of the more troublesome diseases, which is still within the acceptable range of legitimacy, those cancer patients Chen Yang just let them get a little better, but as long as some drugs can be completely treated, Chen Yang will be able to do so. It's not good to cure it directly. There are many people with mixed eyes. Nevertheless, Chen Yang's magical "Qigong" is also legendary,Teardrop Pallet Racking, as if there is no disease in the world that Chen Yang's "Qigong" can't cure. After a few days in a row, many people who come here know that there is a "Chen Shenyi" here. Chen Yang's status has risen a lot these days. At least from the patient's name, he has been upgraded from "Little Shenyi" to "Shenyi". This is also the fame of a real doctor. In addition to the first day when some people want him to see a doctor, the following days are quite leisurely. The old man is so happy. Chen Yang took advantage of his free time these days to discuss the establishment of public hospitals with ancient doctors. Chen Yang had such an idea that he would first set up a pilot project in Wuhan, and then radiate to the surrounding cities if the effect was good, and finally cover the whole of China. Chen Yang's idea is good, and the ancient doctor agrees with it. However, Chen Yang wants to implement the policy of parity or even free treatment in public hospitals, which has been opposed by the ancient doctors, because the loss of money is very serious, and the relevant departments will not approve such a practice, which is even more difficult to implement. Fortunately, Chen Yang did not intend to be in place in one step. Chen Yang hoped that he would use his reputation in the medical field to gather some excellent doctors. Chen Yang claimed that money was not a problem. As long as he was really capable, warehouse storage racks ,cantilever racking system, the treatment would certainly not be worse than that of a large hospital. Chen Yang and the ancient doctor mentioned the most words these days is "medical ethics", if the medical skills are very high, but the moral character is very low, Chen Yang to do this public hospital only those doctors and nurses with medical ethics, everything is patient-oriented. In the past few days, Chen Yang also helped Su Yan to comb the tendons and veins, and planned to start teaching her to practice Qi in the near future. Chen Yang hoped that it would be best to help Su Yan lay a solid foundation for practice before they got engaged. Chen Yang plans to go to Mangshan Ghost King while he still has some free time. By the way, I would like to ask about Su Yan's practice. Women's practice methods are slightly different from men's. Mangshan Ghost King is well-informed and must have a solution. After Chen Yang informed the ghost king of Mangshan, the ghost king of Mangshan soon sent a confidant ghost to pick up Chen Yang. Chen Yang wanted to take Su Yan with him. If the problem of practice was pointed out face to face, the effect would be better. However, when Su Yan heard the word "ghost", he quickly hid far away, not to mention the king of ghosts. Chen Yang helpless, can only be a person to meet the ghost king, this time to see the ghost king, Chen Yang felt the mountain ghost king that unparalleled senior demeanor, the last time the mountain ghost king because things are very urgent so did not show how elegant, now see the ghost king again, gave Chen Yang a very unusual feeling. Chen Yang saluted the Ghost King and said, "Elder Ghost King, I don't know if your realm has been stabilized. Are you satisfied with the extreme Yin Dan you refined last time?" Mangshan Ghost King gave a hearty smile and said, "Of course, thanks to your extreme Yin Dan, this king has not only stabilized the realm of yuan Ying, but even faintly pushed his strength to the middle period of yuan Ying. This is what this king used to think.". Reason 'mention.. Supply I didn't dare to think about it. I really want to thank you this time. Chen Yang said modestly, "You are too polite. This is what the younger generation should do. I don't know what you want to explain to the younger generation." Although he had guessed the intention of the ghost king, Chen Yang still couldn't say it clearly. He could only say it to the ghost king. Sure enough, the ghost king said, "I'm ashamed. I wanted to give you some advice to practice, but I didn't expect that the effect of your extreme Yin Dan was so good. Speaking of it, I owe you a big favor this time." What the Ghost King of Langshan said was very polite, but Chen Yang couldn't be trusted. Chen Yang stood up hurriedly and said, "Do you want to point out my practice? This is really a great blessing for the younger generation. How dare the younger generation ask for anything else? This is what the younger generation should do. Don't mention what you said about owing a favor." Seeing Chen Yang's appearance, Mangshan Ghost King nodded and said approvingly, "Since you don't want to accept this favor from Ben Wang now, Ben Wang should write it down first, and you shouldn't say anything more about refusing.". The king called you here mainly to talk about your cultivation. The king found that your skill is very good. It's very close to the golden elixir period. I don't know how sure you are if you go to cross the golden elixir now. Chen Yang laughed at himself and said shyly, "To be honest, I don't have half a chance, and the younger generation doesn't know how to form a golden elixir." Chen Yang is telling the truth,drive in racking system, Chen Yang's practice has been basically self-exploration, occasionally get some advice, for these promotion methods know extremely limited. jracking.com