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Xie Wendong sits in the car, facial expression is peaceful, did not have the slightest change, ask indifferently: "What matter?" "Many of our fields in the three northeastern provinces were attacked." "Oh?" "Who dares to attack us?" Asked Xie Wendong with a smile? Which gang would do that? "A lot." "What do you mean a lot?" Xie Wendong was not satisfied with Gao Qiang's reply and asked, "Is it one or twenty?" "I don't know." . Because Brother Three Eyes didn't make it clear to me. "I know." Xie Wendong hung up his cell phone and called Sanyan. Brother Dong, I was looking for you just now, but your cell phone was turned off. The phone was connected, and three urgent voices came from the microphone. Xie Wendong said, "I just went to see the old man and turned off my cell phone.". Brother Zhang, what on earth happened? "Shit!" "There's trouble in the Northeast," said Sanyan angrily. "For some unknown reason, the gangs that we conquered and merged before rebelled collectively and raised the banner of an alliance against the Wendong Society. Xuancheng wants to end the situation in which the Wendong Society dominated the Northeast and re-divide the Northeast. Damn it, I think these people are crazy! "Well, how could this happen?" Xie Wendong muttered to himself and asked, "How is the situation now?" "Chaos!" "It's a mess," said Sanyan. "I don't know where so many gangs are pouring out to fight against us. We've been attacked everywhere. Only H province is a little better." H saves the foundation of Wen Dong Hui. If even there is chaos, the foundation of Wen Dong Hui will be shaken. What does Brother Zhang think we should do? Xie Wendong asked. I'll kill anyone who opposes us! Three eyes said coldly. Xie Wendong lowered his head to think and asked, "What's the situation of DL?"? Three Eyes said with a wry smile, "This is the place where the rebel gangs are most rampant, but I can hold them down.". However,smart board whiteboard, the chaos in other places is somewhat difficult to control. Xie Wendong paused for a moment and said, "I'll go back." Three eyes after hearing, the heart is happy and sad. Brother Dong can come back, even in the face of chaos and difficulties, there is nothing to fear. At the same time, he has some worries, every time he sees Xie Wendong running back and forth,digital touch screen board, he feels very incompetent. When will Brother Dong come back? I'll pick you up! "It will take me about a day or two to explain what happened in Beihongmen." 'All Right. When Xie Wendong returned to the Hongwu Mansion, he immediately gathered high-level cadres from the gang for a meeting. Without too much nonsense, he came straight to the point and briefly explained the situation in the Northeast, and then told everyone about his decision to go back. Then he arranged specific matters. After he left, the acting head is still the east heart thunder, Ren Changfeng, sensitive assistant, and let him three people together in the town of S city, where the city north Hongmen and green gang at this stage of the most intense struggle, and Han Fei is still there, after he left, only let a new hall leader stay in S city, Xie Wendong really can't rest assured. After the details of other studies were carefully arranged, Xie Wendong took a breath and announced the end of the meeting. After the meeting, smart boards for conference rooms ,touch screen interactive whiteboard, Ren Changfeng and yuan Tianzhong did not leave immediately. When everyone was almost gone, Ren Changfeng said, "Brother Dong, I want to go to the Northeast with you." yuan Tianzhong followed suit and said, "Brother Dong, I have the same idea." Xie Wendong looked at the two of them and said with a smile, "I don't feel very relieved about the situation in Hongmen when I go back to the Northeast this time. You two should stay. How busy Lao Lei is. If something happens, he will come up with an idea. Otherwise, he will be the only one left. It's hard to avoid some unexpected things." Ren Changfeng was quite disappointed and said, "We are very peaceful at this stage with the Green Gang." Xie Wendong said with a smile, "Today is peaceful. Who knows what will happen tomorrow?"! Say no more, I've made up my mind! Hearing what he said, Ren Changfeng and yuan Tianzhong had no choice but to continue demanding and both retired. Xie Wendong rushed to DL, in addition to taking away all the manpower of Wendong Club, there was also a super bodyguard beside him, Gesang. Gesang's bravery is obvious to all. Xie Wendong took him back to the northeast this time. First, Gesang can really help him. Second, let him be more familiar with the cadres of Wendong Association, so that he can work together in the future. Xie Wendong, Li Shuang, Gao Qiang, Jiang Sen, Liu Bo and Gesang flew to DL. At nine o'clock in the morning, the plane arrived at the station. Inside the airport, Sanyan and Zhang Yanjiang personally came to pick up the station. After meeting, they greeted each other warmly and took a bus to the entrance of Xiaolongtang. Xiaolong Hall is the newest wind hall of Wendong Association. The head of the hall is temporarily represented by Sanyan, and the entrance of the hall is located in DL. As soon as he entered the hall, Xie Wendong's buttocks were not yet hot. He immediately issued an order to let all the leaders and backbones of the Wendong Association gather at DL for a meeting at six o'clock in the evening. Practicing martial arts that day, the entrance of Xiaolong Hall began to be lively. There was a lot of traffic in front of the door, and the crowd was endless. Wen Dong Hui has not held such a large-scale high-level meeting for a long time, in addition to Xie Wendong, no one can have such a strong appeal. At five o'clock in the afternoon, people gradually began to enter the conference room. Dragon Hall, Tiger Hall, Leopard Hall, Flying Eagle Hall, Law Enforcement Hall, Blood Killing Hall and Dark Group Hall are mostly present, and the prominent figures in the Wendong Association are basically gathered together. Xie Wendong and three eyes, Zhang Yanjiang is the first to enter, three eyes specially to find a map, for Xie Wendong to explain the current situation. The chaotic situation in Northeast China was somewhat beyond Xie Wendong's expectation. It was known that there were eighteen gangs that were enemies of Wendong Society. The pace of development of the Wendong Society in the Northeast was too fast, overwhelming and conquering many local snakes. Some gangs were forced by the situation to submit to the Wendong Society. In fact, they were not convinced. It was normal to have a rebellion, but it was too coincidental to say that the eighteen gangs were caused together and there was no connection between them. Xie Wendong initially judged that the collective rebellion of the eighteen gangs must have been plotted and discussed. Xie Wendong said: "Eighteen gangs,interactive whiteboard for schools, one of them must be the lead, it is the other seventeen gangs that are dissatisfied with us, and we need to find a way to find out the gang that passes the lead.".