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             About Mr.Holloway 


Hello,  I'm Mr. Savarres Holloway, Plant High 9th Grade American . History teacher.  I'm one of three  children, one sister and one brother. Mainly born and raised in Tallahassee Florida, and graduated from Leon High School in 2009. After graduating high school, I moved to St. Petersburg to be close to waters and beaches.  I earned my AA degree from St. Petersburg College and completed my Bachelors degree at the University of South Florida.  While completing my bachelors degree, Id volunteer with numerous non-profit organizations, such as the Boys and Girls Club, assisting with youth football clubs. After Graduation college, I knew that teaching high school would be a awesome opportunity for me and I knew I was ready. I'm entering my second year as a History teacher fro H.B Plant high school.  

My favorite hobbies I enjoy  includes fishing ,playing pool,and coaching football. I'm also a food  fanatic. My favorite places to eat are seafood restaurants on the beach, Wing stop,and Steak Houses. I also had the opportunity to travel around the country for vacations exotic places, such as the Virgin Islands. Also to very nice places such Time square on New Years best place to be on New Years, and finally to California to the Golden State Warriors play. 





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