Personal Basketball Trainer

                                                                                                  Personal Basketball Trainer (Central Maine)

Hi, My name is Chris. I am "The Shot Doctor".  

I offer Personal Certified Sports specific Basketball training with over 20 years experience. I have coached athletes throughout New England at every level from Grade 5 to College. My point of expertise is teaching the Mechanics of Shooting. My experience has been that very few coaches spend the time actually teaching their players to properly shoot the rock. If this is your experience, then you need me !

If you are frustrated with repetitive shooting drills that don't seem to be getting you anywhere, then you are most likely reinforcing the same bad habits over and over. Simply put, you can shoot the ball 1,000 times a day, but if you are not using the correct mechanics, then you are waisting your time.

I will breakdown your shooting style into simple units that you can easily adjust to and implement into your daily routine. I tailor the lessons to fit your particular body type and physical dimensions.

My program will instruct you to self critique every shot you take so that you not only imprint the proper muscle memory but also learn to correct your own structural flaws from shot to shot. My program teaches you how to stay within yourself so you become far more consistent.

Have you ever noticed that you shoot the ball very well in practice, but seem to lose your touch in games. I also work on the Mental aspect of the game. How to "Block out" outside distractions that cause a negitive impact on your shooting. You will learn to be an "Icy cold Assassin" who is feared at crunch time. The go-to player who wants to ball at crunch time.

If any of this seems to be clicking in your head, then you need to contact me at (207) 313-0518 to get started immediately. This is the time of year that Great players are made ! You have less then four months to prepare for next season.

I have charged as much as $ 120.00 per hour for private lessons. But from now until November, I am charging only $ 45.00 per hour.

To make sure you are satisfied with my program, I will offer the first lesson for an introductory price of $ 20.00 for a full hour of intense instruction.

There are no minimum lessons to sign up for. Stay in the program as long as you like, quit whenever you want.

As a special bonus: If you sign up for a 5 hour block of lessons over a period of 1-2 weeks, the special price is $ 125.00. That figures to $ 25.00 per hour. ( Regularly priced at $ 200.00 ) and includes:

1. Five separate 1 hour shooting lessons.
2. A specifically designed personal training program to take with you, so you can continue training on your own.
3. A personal video taped analysis highlighting your shooting mechanics with tips and drills to improve your performance.
4. A shooting sleave
5. An outdoor Basketball

So call Chris @ (207) 313-0518