MAST @ Homestead Sister 2 Sister



2010-2011 members

Natalie Gomero, Jessica Guandique, Karina Cordova, Nicole Tjokroredjo, (Club Sponsor) Ms. Guerra, Massiel Sanchez, Jasmine Morrison, Bella Battle and Karla Quinones.


  • To foster good habits, which will guide members towards being role models within the school and the community.
  • To Promote Community Service within the MAST@ Homestead and the community.
  • To set an example of good behavior at all times in the class, outside events, and school functions.
  • To promote friendship and a sense of sisterhood with all members.
  • To develop character, leadership, poise, etiquette and individual responsibility among the members.
  • To guide members into become virtuous young ladies and the leaders of tomorrow.


  • Must be a current or potential student of MAST @ Homestead
  • Must maintain good conduct grades (All A’s and B’s in conduct) and attendance in all classes.
  • Teacher recommendations.