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Topic: Onomatopoeia and Personification


i.  Onomatopoeia

Is from the two Greek words, “onoma” which means “name” and “poiein” which means “make”.

We can understand that the meaning of Onomatopoeia is the imitation of sound in words or the formation or use of the words that imitate the sound associated with something.


For examples:

Tick-tock of the clock.

Tweet-tweet the bird happily sings in the window.

It’s not about the b-bling b-bling/it’s not about the ch-ching ch-ching (Jessie J., Price Tag, 2011)


ii. Personification

Sometimes called “Pathetic Fallacy”, illustrates how inanimate objects or abstract ideas acquire humanly senses.

For examples:

Your joy is your sorrow unmasked.


The pen started to cry, as her thoughts overflowed the paper.


The grass dances gracefully whenever wind passes by.