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Supply List and Wish List

Ms. Skiver's Wish List

  • extra glue sticks
  • extra dry erase markers (Students use these on lapboards!)
  • extra pencils
  • crayola markers
  • glitter glue
  • band-aids
  • liquid soap
  • gallon bags



Cedar Hill Elementary School

1st Grade Supply List (2011)  

Ø      3 boxes of 24 count Crayola crayons

Ø      24 solid yellow #2 pencils (sharpened or unsharpened)

Ø      1 composition journal (Black & White – Not spiral type)

Ø      1 Primary composition journal (blank space at top for picture & lines underneath for writing) Can be found at office supply stores or CHES Mart

Ø      8 glue sticks

Ø      2 black dry erase markers (Expo)

Ø      1 ream of white copy paper

Ø      1 pink pearl eraser

Ø      1 family size box of tissues

Ø      1 bottle of hand sanitizer (8 oz. or larger - not soap)

Ø      1 package of baby wipes

Ø      1 box of gallon size resealable bags with sliding plastic zipper (girls only)

Ø      1 box of quart size resealable bags with sliding plastic zipper (boys only)



Get 2 Months for $5!