100 Book Club




Dear Parents,


At Cedar Hill we know literacy is very important. First grade celebrates literacy by giving your child an opportunity to join the 100-Book Club. The purpose of the club is to inspire your child to read at least 100 books throughout the school year.


We expect every student to meet this goal. Please help your child achieve the goal by helping him/her record the titles of the books they’ve read. You can also record book titles that you read to them. Complete the 100-Book Club log sheet, sign the bottom, and return the form to school.


Your child will be bringing small books home for homework almost daily. We encourage you to spend time listening to your child read these books. The more you spend time reading with your child, the more your child will see the importance of learning to read and s/he will become more and more confident as a reader. These books can be recorded on the 100-Book Club form.  In addition, we urge you to visit the Gwinnett County Public Library regularly. Check out books that you and your child can read together, books s/he can read alone, and books that you can read to him/her. You might also consider a subscription to a children’s magazine such as Highlights, Zoobooks, Ranger Rick, or National Geographic for Kids. I will be sending home Scholastic Book orders frequently during the year and I encourage you to order books for your own home library. Our expectation is that every child will read every day.


At the end of the year we will celebrate the accomplishment of all students who meet the goal by April 20, 2012. Each child who has read 100 books by the deadline will receive a free t-shirt, free book, and a certificate of accomplishment. Children who read more than 100 books will be eligible for additional prizes as well. (Only students who meet the goal will be eligible for the t-shirt, book, certificate, and other prizes.)


First grade is an important year in the development of your child’s reading skills, and reading outside of school is critical to reading success.


Thank you for supporting your child in our literacy program. We hope you discover the joy of reading with your child!


Yours Sincerely,

The First Grade Teachers


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