Homework Plan

Mrs. Webb’s Class


·        Reading:     Read the daily book in the bag and discuss it with an adult.

*Students who are reading on higher levels will have a book every other day, and a reading response journal assignment on alternating days (rather than a book everyday).  This is to help develop higher level comprehension skills of advanced texts.  You will be notified of the homework difference, if this applies to your student.

 ·        Writing/Spelling/Word Wall Words:     at least 3 activities per week on the Spelling/Word Wall Word sheet in the B.E.E. Book (lightning words for the first four weeks of school)  Please mark the activities chosen in the notebook. 

·        Math:    worksheet daily (except Fridays) 

·        Additional Optional Activities:

1.     monthly homework calendar (updated and inside the BEE book)

2.     ways to help your child at home (see page on this website labeled How to Help)

3.     Keep a reading response journal at home.  Write a short summary of the daily book in your own words.

4.     Keep a writing journal at home. 

***At Cedar Hill homework is a practice session at home.  Additionally, Students will get credit and can earn rewards for homework with their “Hot Homework on Time” card.