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If you are accessing this page for the first time, that means you're signed up for my math class. Before I even start, I will say math is easy, math is fun. So I'm sure you will have a great time learning a few things about mathematics with me.

To those who have been to this site for a number of times already, keep doing so! In here you will find updates, assignments, new information, links to still more information. The list goes on.

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 The setting for paragraph text is left-aligned, non-justified text.

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The default setting for paragraph text is left-aligned, non-justified text.

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You can also justify text which fills in all of the horizontal space for a paragraph. When using this setting, your text will always fill in left to right for anything but the last line of a paragraph, just like you see in magazines and newspapers. This paragraph is a bit long, and it's just here to show you an example of justified text.

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