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   5th grade                     6th grade

We will be talking about

what college we want to research.



Today we will talk about what college we want to research.

We will research about what college we choose.



Today we will research what college we choose.

We will try to finish our college writing today if not they will get it on the weekend to do.





You will need to complete and hand in the following as part of your college research: 

  • Map of the College:  You will need to print or create a map of your college or university.  If it is a large university, choose a specific area for your map.
  • Map of College ___
  • If the map is not in color, use colored pencils to add color. ___


  • History of the College:  You will need to include a brief history of the college including such items as the date it was founded, who it was founded by, and any other related information.

-    Date it was founded ___

-    Who was it founded by? ___

-    What was the original purpose of the school? ___

-    What is the university known for? ___

-    Famous alumni ___

-    Traditions ___


  • College Mascot: Most colleges have a mscot. These mascots represent the college, appearing on apparel, running around at games, and play-fighting other mascots to shoe their superiority.
  • Identify who or what is the mascot for the college? Find a picture of the mascot and you may print that. ___
  • The history behind the mascot ___
  • Has their mascot changed over the years?___________________

               If so, what did it used to be?______________________



  • Description of College:  The following should be highlighted: whether it is a public or private college, religious affiliation, location, size, and facilities.
  • Sports Facilities ___
  • Library ___
  • Dining Centers ___
  • Student Workout/Recreation Facilities ___
  • How Big (Campus/Enrollment) ___
  • Diversity of Student Body ___
  • Public or private ___
  • Singlesex or co-educational ___
  • Location ___
  • Is there a religious affiliation ___
  • Reputation ___


  • High School Requirements: What does this college expect of you in high school?
  • Grade Point Average ___
  • Skills ___
  • Extracurricular Activities ___
  • Community Service ___
  • Discipline Record ___
  • Credits ___
  • Specific Classes ___
  • ACT/SAT Scores ___



  • Financial Aid and Scholarships: Explain what types of aid and scholarships are offered, a typical award, student requirements for scholarships and financial aid, deadlines, etc.
  • What specific scholarships are available? ___
  • What is the difference between a grant and a loan? ___
  • How much can students usually get? ___
  • What factors is financial aid based on? ___
  • What is FAFSA? ___




  • Social Activities:  Provide information about extracurricular activities, intramurals, varsity sports, Greek life, volunteer service, etc.
  • Clubs (Theater, Government, etc., History) ___
  • What is a fraternity or sorority? Which ones are present? What do they stand for? ___
  • What volunteering opportunities are there? ___
  • Is there an intramural program? ___


  • On Campus Living:  Discuss dorms that are available, lottery system, number of years that on-campus housing is guaranteed, how to request a roommate, how to change a roommate, items that you can bring to your dorm room, alcohol and drug policy in the dorms.

-    How many dorms are there? ___

-    What does the typical dorm room look like? ___

-    How old are the dorms? ___

-    What are the rules in a dorm setting? ___


-    Can students live in them year-round? ___


  • Meal Plans:  Discuss the dining halls that are available, cost, where they are, what they offer, late night menu, etc.
  • How many student dining centers are there? ___
  • When are they open? ___
  • What kinds of food do they offer? ___
  • What is the cost? ___


Included in your project should be the following:


  • List of Questions:  After concluding your research, you should come up with a list of 5 questions that you still have.  These questions could be asked to various people that work at the college during an admissions visit (admissions, career services, financial aid, housing, academics, etc.)
  • Visual Presentation- You should provide a visual to go along with your essay. This can be a poster, PowerPoint, tri-fold

Important Links to Review Information:

    Review topics-                      https://www.brainpop.com/                            UN- 29q116    PW  dolphin

Review Geography-               http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/Geography.htm        


      This is what you should have for your assiment