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Burn Notice Season 5 continues the saga of burned spy Michael Westen but the real story here is not his wanting back into the CIA but the odd jobs he takes helping people truly in need.

Film making 3.5/5

Video 4/5

Audio 4/5

Bonus Features 3/5

Total 4/5 Stars

I watched an old movie starring Robert Redford and Sidney Poitier and one line reminded me of the current season of Burn Notice, "You won't know who to trust." Mike does not seem to know who he can trust and even when he gets back into the CIA as a full agent anyone can turn on him. I watched all episodes of that tv-show at movies123 new 2020 site.

He knows he can trust Fiona, played by Gabrielle Anwar, as a weapons and explosives expert always willing to shoot the bad guy for him. He can also trust Sam Axe, played by Bruce Campbell, to back him up in a tough spot with his former Navy SEAL training and years of service.

Mikes mom Madeline played by Sharon Gless can be trusted inexplicably but he of course needs to get over the fact that she is his mother to utilize her to her fullest potential. Then there is the former spy Mike burned but Jess does not regret it, Jesse Porter is played by Coby Bell and Mike now calls on him for special help and information.

Burn Notice Season Five is the latest tale of burned spy Michael Weston who was tossed out of the CIA, got back at those who burned him and is now back in as a full time agent. Much to the disappointment of his sometime girlfriend Fiona, Mike is back at his old job but with recent events some things won't come quite as easily.

Mike finds one last man who is part of the spy ring that burned him and he now has to work for him as he has evidence that would jeopardize Fionna's freedom. Mike spent season four of Burn Notice getting back at the ring of spies who burned him but he did not get them all.

Mike was burned by a group of spies that work not toward helping one government but helping themselves to money from their missions. Mike was burned to get him into their organization because he is good at what he does but he is also loyal to freedom and his country.

The DVD release of Burn Notice Season 5 comes at you in great video but with typical quality for all the 18 episodes on four discs. The color is great and there are no problems with quality but it is also pretty common DVD transfer with a lack of the higher definition experience.

The DVD quality is great but is a bit off a time or two during play, especially with some explosions and effects but overall it is great. Audio is also fantastic but with an occasional lowering of quality mostly in surround sound punch but overall it is also great.

Bonus content includes several deleted scenes, a short gag reel, an audio commentary on one episode and a feature about the bad guys of Burn Notice. Extras are pretty typical of a DVD release with only a few worth more than a cursory glance in the gag reel and the look at the Villains of Burn Notice.

The gag reel is good enough for a few laughs from the scenery falling off the wall and people on set making a bad take but the only real extra worth watching is actually the Villains of Burn Notice. They take a deep look at the bad guys of the series and from their own mouths tell what makes a good bad guy and how the show uses them.

Burn Notice Season 5 on DVD is well worth a purchase for fans of the show and with a new season looming with a great cliff hanger in Fionna being arrested for murder the series continues to entertain. Check out the DVD release of Burn Notice Season 5 for the continuing adventures of a spy who now helps the little guy righting the wrongs of the world.