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Hello friends!

 I am honored to be your child's 4th grade teacher!! This  year I am trying aomething new for communication (ClassTag). Login information was sent home in Thursday Folders (on 8/29). Be sure to register, however, I will also post the info here throughout the year as well. Below is a description of the information you will find on our virtual classroom site. I hope you find this helpful! I will always be here for you and your child-with anything that I can offer. We are a team. This is going to be a FANTASTIC year! Thank you for all of your support.

Important Accounts: you will find login info for DreamBox, ClassTag, our Scholastic Online class code and link, Home Access Center, Spelling City, and other helpful links (new links will be added as we discover them throughout the year)!

Important Dates: You will find a list of events for the month that you will find helpful (report card dates, tests, quizzes, NUT and Pride Days).

Announcements/Homework: All important reminders for the next day of current week will be posted here as a quick reference/reminder. Also, homework assignments will be posted here. If your kiddo receives an individual assignment for some reason, I will email you personally to inform you and explain the reasoning (for example: sometimes a kiddo may be struggling on one little math concept and I have an activity that can get them over that hump so they are better prepared for the next day's lesson).

What are we Learning?: Under this tab, you will find the weekly lesson plan outline, along with the essential concepts and standards your kiddo will be strengthening as well as any important academic reminders. My hope is that this section of our site, will help you to feel connected with what we are learning and that it helps you to be able to build on the same skills at home <3

Our Wish List: here you will find some items that we are wishing for, for our classroom. They aren't always costly items....we are always longing for everyday items you may have tossed in a a closet somewhere (= We are always appreciative of any donated items...you truly have no idea the difference you can make in our learning! We are grateful for you!



Mrs. Smith