Important Accounts and Links:



* Home Access Center: If you need login information for your kiddo, please reach out to Mrs. Trina in the Main Office. I, unfortunately, do not have access to your individual login info. 

* School Lunch Account: Add Money to Your Child's Lunch Account Here! (

*PCA Homepage:  PCA

*Class Tag: 

*Mrs. Hennessy's Classroom Site (Science Updates): Science Virtual Classroom

*Mrs. Selway's Classroom Site (Social Studies) Updates:      Social Studies Virtual Classroom

Math Accounts/Links:

1. Eureka Math help is offered for each Module and Lesson, through the following link (= I hope you find it very helpful!

ALSO......our class LOVES to view the helpful tutorials on youtube by Mr. Duane Habecker!!! If you are ever struggling....just type him in the search bar.....On the, "What are we Learning? " page of this site, I list (by day) which lesson we will be covering....this will help you to look up the correct video by Mr. Duane <3

*Remember to not allow your kiddo (or yourself) to grow frustrated. If homework time starts becoming a 30 minute session- or longer, please feel free to shoot me an email or write me a note. I do not want the students to feel frustrated or negative....I am always able to sit with them the following day (=

2. Dream Box: PCA has purchased this program for us to use this year and it seems incredible!!! Login information for your child is stapled into the cover of their agenda book. Assignments will be given throughout the year to complete at home and at school. Please do not have your child login just yet. There are specific instructions to this program (for example: NO USE OF SCRATCH PAPER OR OTHER MANIPULATIVES other than the ones provided online from DreamBox. This is SO CRUCIAL). 

Reading Accounts:

1. Scholastic Book Club: Our class code is: LQYY4

Monthly order forms will be sent home in Thursday Folders. Any orders you wish to make, please do so online and do not forget to use our class code! We ear free points as a team and we can use those points to purchase books for our classroom library. As I get to know the students more, I will grow to learn which series they enjoy and we will add books to our Scholastic Wishlist and use our points to croos them off one by one! WE TRULY APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT!