Ms. Fab's Integrated Units

Integrated Units

Units of Study

Citizenship & Communities: We are learning about citizenship and communities. We are also learning about the Preamble to the Constitution in honor of Constitution Day.


****Citizenship & Communities Test is on Friday 9/24/10****

Students are bringing their notebooks home each night to study their notes.
Students should study the following notes:
   -Citizenship & Community Vocabulary Notes
   -The Constitution Notes
   -The Frayer Model Vocabulary Chart

****Moon Phase Calendar****

Students are working on observing, drawing, and recording the phase of the moon each night. We will be using these observations at the end of the month when we are learning about the sun, moon, and stars. The moon may not be visible before your scholar goes to bed, there are several locations listed below where you can find the phase of the moon each day and a schedule of the moon rise and fall times.

Moon Schedule: Choose Charlotte, NC and Sept. 2010 and press Submit 

This week in Integrated Units:
Your scholar has been learning about the meaning of each part of the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States. Students are making a classroom book that illustrates the meaning of various parts of The Preamble. We are using the mentor text We the Kids, Illustrated by David Catrow, for inspiration.

We are also playing review games to prepare for our test on Friday.


I am looking forward to a great year! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. My email address is: Below I have included some helpful information to start the school year.

***Scholastic Book Club***
Due Date: September 17th
Class Activation Code: GYNKW
Book Club Link:

Classroom Schedule

   7:45-8:15 Morning Work
   8:15-9:05 Integrated Units
   9:05-9:55 Math
   9:55-10:45 Specials
   10:45-11:35 Greek Math
   11:35-12:00 Lunch
   12:00-12:50 Recovery/Character Education/Global Awareness
   12:50-1:40 Literacy
   1:40-2:30 Spelling/Writing
   2:30-3:25 Greek Language

Specials Schedule:

Daily Routines:
 Morning Routine: When your scholar arrives, they are to unpack and put away all necessary materials for the day (i.e. library books, lunch and snack, coats).  They are to sharpen 2 pencils for the day and then write down their extended learning in their agenda.  I will then put my initials next to their extended learning. 
•  Lunch Routine: The first 10 minutes are quiet eating time.  After that, the students may socialize with their table mates.  We would love for you to stop by and have lunch with your scholar at any time!  We love visitors!

          Notes and e-mails:  If you should ever need me or any of the third grade teachers, please send us a note or e-mail us.  It is our goal to respond back to you within 24 hours.

          Weekly Work:  All weekly work will be sent home in the Thursday pack.  Please go through this work with your scholar.

Other Important Information:
          Extended Learning: Your scholar is required to read daily (outside of school) for at least 15 minutes.  They will have 2 weekly study island assignments.  They will have 1 monthly Book Adventure assignment.  Singapore Math books are to be taken home daily and returned.  The assignments are written in the front cover of the books.  Occasionally, they will have a project to complete.  **All assignments are also listed on our teacherweb site.
          Absence from School: If your scholar is absent from school for any reason, please send in a written (or e-mailed) note within 24 hours.
          Scholastic Book orders: I love to order from Scholastic Books!  I try to order monthly, so check the Thursday pack for the scholastic forms and information.
          Birthdays: Feel free to help your scholar celebrate his/her birthday during the school year.  We welcome treats/snacks either during our scheduled lunch time or snack time. We suggest sending healthy snacks to share with their fellow scholars.

Volunteer Opportunities:

          Volunteers: I always welcome and enjoy having volunteers in my classroom. There will be many volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Please see the poster and sign-up sheets at Open House.  If you would like to volunteer, however your schedule does not allow, please see me and we can work something out together. 
        Mystery Readers:  I would like to invite any parents, older siblings, grandparents, relatives, or other special people to surprise your scholar by being a "Mystery Reader" in our classroom. If you are interested please see the Mystery Reader schedule or send me a "secret" note or email requesting a date to read.
          Wish List / Donations:  I will post a wish list near the door in my room. Donations are always welcome and greatly appreciated.