Mrs. Sova's Literature Page

News and Reminders: Pay attention!

 9th grade: 

~Test coming up on Wednesday, November 11

To be prepared, make sure you study the following worksheets: 

Handout 29, "How to Identify a Hero." This worksheet covers the characteristics of Mythological heroes

Handout 30, "Do the Heroes Measure Up?" This is the chart that compares the stories of Jason, Perseus, Theseus, and Hercules 

Handout 34, "The Twelve Labors Updated," which lists the 12 Labors of Hercules.

Handout 37, "An Outline of the Trojan War." 

Handout 38, "Summary of the Illiad." 

Handout 40, "Greek or Trojan?" This worksheet divides the warriors and gods involved in the Trojan War according to their sides. 

Handouts 41-42, "Summary of the Odyssey" and "The Mythical Voyage of Odysseus." 

Handout 44, "Summary of the Aeneid." 

Handout 46, "Similarities," which lists the similarities  between events in the Illiad, the Odyssey, and the Aeneid

Handouts 47-48, "Comparing the Epics," and "Searching for Common Motifs," which discuss similar themes in the 3 epics. 

Handout 49, "Trojan War Crossword," which provides a good overview of the people and places involved in the Trojan War.