La Amabilidad (Kindness)


La Amabilidad/La Bondad/La Benevolencia = Kindness


Have you been remembering to practice kindness and gratitude (el agradecimiento) every day?  Let me know some things you have been doing!


Have you written a letter to someone just to say hello/hola?  Take time to send a letter or little note to someone to brighten their day:)   


This week's challenge: Continue to use your kind words to everyone around you.  Remember to say thank you, too.  Feel free to visit the Inspire Kindness website: Inspire Kindness




Let's remember to practice our kindness words en español: gracias, por favor, de nada, lo siento, perdón, te amo, ¿te puedo ayudar?


“Kindness helps us through our difficulties and our struggles.”           Pope Francis