Our Spanish Courses



Our Spanish courses "one to one" accommodate all level students: from begginers to advances. You can easily combine one of our Spanish language immersion courses in Buenos Aires with fun activities and cultural events that allow you to truly discover Argentina and quickly improve your Spanish skills.

Intensive Spanish Plus Course:
The intensive Spanish Plus Course is the most intensive Spanish immersion course. In the "one to one" course, you will have the opportunity to thoroughly explore topics that have been covered in the Intensive Spanish course with an added emphasis on areas in wich you may need further development or improvement. This course is recommended for students who wish to gain the most rapid Spanish language development.

In "one to one" Spanish courses, each lesson is tailored to your needs within the curriculum. This, combined with the individual attention, will ensure that you are quickly using Spanish with confidence.

Business Spanish Course:
This course will prepare you with the necessary Spanish language skills for business. The course consists of group classes alongside other professionals or business students seeking to advance their careers in the business sphere where Spanish language is an important element.