Brief Bio

My name is Charles Sherwin. I have been playing the trombone since I was nine years old, and I would like nothing more than play music for a career. I am currently studying for a Bachelor's degree in music edcucation, and I would like to continue the tradition instilled into me by my high school band director of excellence and "Never settling for my present level of achievement." I saw that phrase on everything from band room walls to report cards, and I strive to be a better musician everyday. My high school marching band contended for a top-15 in the country positon twice, my high school jazz band competed for a top-10 position in the country twice, my high school symphonic band competed for a top-10 in the nation spot once, and I soloed for 4-years in my college marching band. I am no stranger to pressure situations, and would like to think that I thrive in that kind of environment. I hope you consider me for your employment opportunity. Thank you for your time.