Several players across the world is among the most recognized brands on the market and sponsor carlton. Carlton is suggested for players beginning from level specially. That is a racquet suites for all kinds of players and their playing styles. Carlton Air Rage- suitable for both single and doubles play, the mind light racquet that is balanced is an excellent selection for both offensive and defensive play. Thorough Carlton Badminton Racquet Reviews - Carlton Vapour Trail S Lite - The Carlton Vapour Trail S Lite is a racquet with an aero frame that is dynamic. The string tension that is high together with the flex shaft supplies for an explosion of energy and smash speed accentuating your shots.

The Torsional Control system keeps the racket stable during drives and shots. This attack style racquet is intended. The racquet comes with a mind which improves precision during off strikes due to its sweet spot that is expanded. This dynamic offers control and more energy and air speed. Reaction time is enabled by the rigid, head racquet while placing more power. The racquet is a bit shorter than racquet sizes for management, whilst the cap that is light encourages equilibrium. The string bed comes along having a large string tension of maximum 28lbs. This implies very high repulsion force. So its best suited for innovative players who've already mastered target precision and do not rely on racquet for control.

Pros - High power - Precision - Good swing rate - Ease of management - High repulsion strength - Stability - Cons - Less control - Most appropriate for innovative gamers - Carlton Kinesis X90 - Unleash true energy with the completely new Carlton Kinesis X90. The special racquet was designed to reduce drag as well as increase mind rate and manoeuvrability. Its Micro Grommets technologies and Circometric mind holds the strings firmly on place which increases precision of shots and provides better control, whilst the latter provides more force behind smashes when contact is made on the concentrated sweet spot.

This provides a higher rotational speed as well. The Japanese HM carbon achieves equilibrium factor and the Xtreme Tension frame holds 11% more string tension compared to a lot of conventional rackets on the market. The ultra light cap and Vortex geome try for a very light-weight racquet. This provides players ease of motion with little effort. On the downside, the large tension strings could snap if exposed to prolonged aggressive attacks during matches. Pros - Reduced air drag - Maneuverability - Head rate - Power - Control - Stability - Lightweight - Cons .


Choosing A Badminton Racket 

Its weight is about 72 gms which is lightweight in nature. This racket is made from Japan modulus graphite material with nano tube. A combination of nano and graphite tube provides light-weight nature and durability. String tension can be sustained by this racket up. Its equilibrium point is about 310mm and shaft is flex. The racket's specialization is so provide durability, durability and nature. It is made with weight of 72 gms from HM graphite material. Li Ning Windstorm 72 is designed with advance superlight technology complete racket layout change to decrease the racket weight Windstorm 72 weight is that suggests the lightest racket from Li Ning Badminton racket series of it.

Along with other parameter, the racket is intended for those players who want very fast racket handling and wants to dominate in the game with fast racket handing. Weight of Yonex Voltric FB is about 73 gms that's light in series that is complete. It is made of grade graphite substance which may sustain the string tension. Frame design concept that include frame section at area and lower was used by yonex. Because of frame design that was reengineered, Air resistance reduced which helped in racket swing that was fast. With the aid of fast racket swing, participant now can place rapid drop smashes, rapid drive shots, accurate cross corner drop shots.

Balance point from the racket is a stage where we may balance it. Balance point defines the complete dynamics of the racket. If you try to equilibrium the racket on finger and find out that its own equilibrium point is closer to mind side than racket will said as head heavy configuration. Head heavy racket are appropriate for all those player who love to play strong shots. Due to moment from inertia, Head heavy configuration offers better power on shots so participant may perform better smashes, better punch shots along with drive and cross corner shots.