Chapter 30


Chapter: 30

Unto Everlasting Life

“ Then the king will say to those at his right hand , “ Come, O blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.” Matthew 25: 34

You may have noticed that some people usually grownups simply refuse to talk about or even think about death. If a child were to ask “ what happens when you die?” or Am I going to die someday?” Such people would avoid answering . Instead they would reply , “ don’t ask such questions. You must not think about such horrible things.” 

Although death is not a pleasant thing.It is not wise to run away from the thought of it. Death will come to all of us. Each day we live takes us one day closer to the day we die . Knowing and thinking about what death really means should help us to face it with less fear than those who may have refused to think about it at all.  


Everything that is part of nature reaches a point when it begins to come apart or come to an end. All plants and animals die. Even things which seem to last forever. Such as rocks and mountains. Slowly wear away into dust over thousands of years. Our bodies also belong to the world of nature, and one day they will die. Our souls are spirits, which live forever., but God created us to be complete people, body and soul. He has promised to reunite our bodies and souls so that we shall live forever. It is normal to fear the pain of dying and to be sad over separation from those we love . But it helps to know that death is not really the end of us.