Sra. Florin, Online Teaching Portfolio

Dear Peer Review Panel Members:

I currently teach Spanish to students in grades first through sixth at Woodstock Elementary School.

As an educator my goal is to enrich students not only with language but also with culture based lessons. I come from one of over twenty countries where Spanish is the official language. Vocabulary is only one component of Spanish learning. I believe that in order to have a greater impact on students, every Spanish program should include all aspects of the language. Vermont State Standards identify the following as key components of Spanish: grammar, vocabulary, oral communication, reading, writing, and culture. While all components don’t need to be implemented in each class meeting, they do need to exist within the curriculum. Therefore, one of my long-term goals is to continue collaborating with my colleagues in the district to assure that the Spanish program in the Windsor Central Supervisory Union is not only well rounded and includes all of these components but also contains best practices in language teaching.

My teaching philosophy is centered on the belief that good teachers are constantly reinventing themselves to serve each and every student individually while implementing best practices conducive to successful learning for all. This means that a classroom should be student-centered, challenging yet engaging, and above all one that promotes collaboration and provides ample motivation.

As my portfolio will show, I am passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated to language and its teaching. The past two years at WES have been extremely rewarding. I’ve established amazing rapport with both colleagues and students, as well as with community members. I’ve experienced students’ curiosity grow for language and I’ve seen students successfully complete the program and move on to willingly continue their learning in Middle School.

I would love nothing more than to continue to impact students’ learning through language. This is why I am seeking licensure through the Peer Review Process. Thank you for your consideration.  I look forward to meeting with you to discuss my experiences soon. In the meantime, please enjoy perusing through my e-portfolio.




Malena Florin