Tarea (Homework)


Please note that homework is listed by DATE DUE.  It will typically tell you whether worksheets or other information are posted on the WORKSHEETS page for you to use.


Tarea para jueves, el 12 de diciembre

Review airport vocabulary either using vocabulary sheet and/or Quizlet. We will have quick 10 word vocabulary quiz on Friday: I will say 5 in English (you write the Spanish) and 5 in Spanish (you write the English). 

In class Wednesday, we did a listening exercise (air travel announcement). If you missed class, please make arrangements to make up the exercise.

If you are missing class on Thursday due to the Senior Breakfast, make sure you check in with me sometime Thursday to get the work.


Tarea para miércoles, el 11 de diciembre

Quick worksheet - handed out in class and posted on WORKSHEETS.

Go through Airport vocabulary. Get familiar with these words!


Tarea para martes, el 10 de diciembre

We went through some of the Airport vocabulary in class. Homework is to read/say each vocabulary word ALOUD 2x.  There is also a quick crossword, posted on WORKSHEETS and handed out in class.


Classwork and homework, due Thursday 12/5 and Friday 12/6

Given the snow days this week, the quiz on Alejandro chapters 1 and 2 will be on Friday, December 6.

Students should review the vocabulary for chapter 2, as well as the story line. You should also know how to describe Alejandro and his siblings.

The back of the Apuntes, as well as the 2-sided Review Activities sheet should be completed to participate in class review on Thursday.

Thursday night there will be a 2-sided Quizlet for homework, due Friday. (It will be posted Thursday on WORKSHEETS for absent students)



Classwork for lunes y martes, el 25 y 26 de noviembre

The quiz on Alejandro chapters 1 & 2 will be Tuesday December 3. During the 2 days of Thanksgiving week, we are doing review activities. You can find both the Apuntes and the Review Activities on WORKSHEETS if you missed them in class. We will review both pages on Monday after break, so absent students should please do both sheets before then.


Classwork martes el 19 y miércoles el 20 de noviembre

We read chapter 2 of Alejandro in class. Students who were absent will need to do that. Try to underline the vocabulary words in paragraph 2 that pertain to air travel and airports (preview of our unit on air travel that we will do after Thanksgiving). Also try to do the 2 short exercises at the end of the chapter.


Classwork lunes el 18 de noviembre

Students who were absent missed the quiz on Alejandro chapter 1 and adjectives. You should plan to take it during XBlock on Tuesday, or before school Wednesday. You need to let me know when you will be taking it.

Absent students will also need to print out chapter 2 of Alejandro (on WORKSHEETS) to do the following: highlight the vocabulary from the top and the side of the chapter, AND read through the chapter and then answer the PreReading Questions (also posted on WORKSHEETS).  We will be reading together as well in class on Tuesday.