Tarea (Homework)


Please note that homework is listed by DATE DUE.  It will typically tell you whether worksheets or other information are posted on the WORKSHEETS page for you to use.



***** If you have not already, please read the Virtual Spanish page (top left of navigation)

*****  You also need to register into Google Classroom by Monday 3/30/20. Instructions are on the Virtual Spanish page.





Tarea para viernes, el 13 y la semana de el 16-18 de marzo:

You should be working 5-10 minutes each day prepping for your speaking assignment that is due Thursday March 19th. Use your topic cards, and by Wednesday, you should be only looking at the topics as you practice.


Tarea para jueves, el 12 de marzo

Overview of Alejandro chapters 1-3 was handed out in class today (posted on WORKSHEETS as well). Students need to do a notecard for EACH topic, with topic written (in English) on one side, and KEY WORDS ONLY  - no sentences - on the back.  Due Thursday.  The assignment is due next Thursday March 19. You should be practicing over the next week, shuffling the topics, and working ~5 minutes per day.

Students who were absent Wednesday need to email me about making up the quiz. I would prefer you come in Thursday at 7:45 before school, as we have no Xblock due to the 1/2 day on Thursday.



Tarea para miércoles, el 11 de marzo

Review for quiz: Alejandro chapter 3 (vocabulary and events) and possessive adjectives.


Tarea para martes, el diez de marzo

Reminder that our next quiz is on Alejandro chapter 3 and possessive adjectives - it will be Wednesday.

Homework is a 2-sided quick Quizlet sheet - handed out in class and posted on WORKSHEETS.  Absent students will also need to do the class activity sheet, which is also posted on WORKSHEETS.



Tarea para viernes, el seis de marzo

We went over the Apuntes and Actividades from Alejandro chapter 3 in class on Thursday. Homework is a worksheet practice with possessive adjectives. It was handed out in class and is posted on WORKSHEETS for absent students. Due Friday.



Classwork and homework from Monday 3/2/20

We finished the speaking portion of the LA SALUD/EL MEDICO test.  If you were absent, please make arrangements with me to come in at 7:50 Tuesday or Wednesday to do the speaking.


Absent students need to read Alejandro chapter 3 (posted on WORKSHEETS), highlight all vocabulary from top of chapter AND sides of paragraphs, and do the questions in Part A and B at the end of the chapter.


All students need to go through the Alejandro chapter 3 vocabulary in Quizlet.




Classwork and homework from Monday 2/24/20

We did a Quizlet dictado. Absent students can find it on WORKSHEETS and do it to turn in to me Tuesday.

We did a reading in pairs and answered the questions in Part A.  Absent students can do the reading and answer the questions for Tuesday.

We watched a tiny video on Pilar, a girl who is sick, and answered the questions. Absent students can watch the video and answer the questions (both on WORKSHEETS)  for Tuesday.

Finally, there a a quick 18 question Quizizz for homework. Absent students can do the homework (posted on WORKSHEETS) EVEN IF YOU CANNOT PRINT IT OUT.


We will have a quick 10 word vocabulary quiz on La Salud/El Medico on Wednesday. The unit test will be this Friday 2/28.



Tarea para miércoles, el 12 de febrero

Review vocabulary (La Salud y El Médico).  Quick vocabulary quiz (matching) on Thursday, el 13 de febrero.



Classwork from Monday February 10 for ABSENT STUDENTS

Shorter classes because of 2 hour delay.

Students who were absent should get the vocabulary sheet for EL MEDICO from the WORKSHEETS page of my website and, using Quizlet set, write the English translations for each vocabulary term.


Tarea and PREP for high school exam

The Spanish high school exam is next week February 3-6.  Each portion will be taken during Spanish class.  It is expected that we will do the listening and reading comprehension on Monday 2/3, writing on Tuesday 2/4 and speaking over the following 2 days 2/5 and 2/6.  If you are going to miss a day of the exam, you must make arrangements with me to make it up as soon as possible after your absence.

Students should take some time late this week and weekend to go through their Spanish binder. Also, keep getting to know the LA SALUD vocabulary (via Quizlet, for example) that we just started.  We will do some other review in class Friday this week as well.


Tarea para jueves, el 23 de enero

Students who were absent need to email about when they are making up the Irregular Yo Verb quiz that they missed today.

Students who were absent on Wednesday need to do at least the first 5 on the worksheet handed out in class and posted on WORKSHEETS as homework. You do not need to do them all.

ALL STUDENTS need to review SER and ESTAR. Either look in your notes from last year, or go to www.spanishdict.com and look at both the uses and conjugations of these 2 verbs. We will be reviewing these 2 verbs and talking about health and sickness.




Homework from class Tues 1/21 - due WEDNESDAY 1/22

Quiz on irregular "yo" verbs is on Wednesday.  Students who were absent Tuesday can find the self review practice from class on WORKSHEETS.

Homework is to review for the quiz. There is also a quick worksheet with 2 exercises.  It was handed out in class and posted on WORKSHEETS.


Homework from class Friday 1/17 - due TUESDAY 1/21

We've been working with the Irregular "yo" verbs. There will be a quiz on Wednesday 1/22 on these verbs - meaning and conjugations.

Students who were absent Friday will need to do the Quizizz --> joinmyquiz.com  code 822215

All students should review the verbs and their "yo" forms using the Quizlet set.


Homework for students absent Tues 1/14

Use Irregular "yo" sheet found on WORKSHEETS, with the Irregular YO study set on Quizlet to complete the sheet. You will find the verb definitions and most conjugations in the Quizlet set.



Homework for Tues/Wed/Thurs Jan 7-9

You should be practicing your role for the speaking assignment that is due THURSDAY 1/9

We have our last vocabulary quiz for AIRPORT on Wednesday 1/8 - review vocabulary for it.

The unit test on AIRPORT is on FRIDAY 1/10.



Classwork/Homework from Friday 1/3/20:

We had a quick quiz on airport roles/vocabulary in class. IF YOU WERE ABSENT, you can come in Monday 7:45, or stay after Monday to take it.  Please email me with your choice.  There is a listening portion which makes it difficult to do the quiz during Xblock.

We have started the speaking project (description posted on WORKSHEETS for absent students).  Read through the description, even if you are unable to print it out.   You will get your group assignment and ticket when you are back on Monday.

JACOB B, Per 1:  Your role is a flight attendant.  I have emailed the ticket to your mother's email, and the project description is on WORKSHEETS. You'll want to practice. The class is presenting Thursday so you'll get a chance to see what it's like, and we can talk about when you are ready to present. The unit test is next Friday after your return.

ISABELLA, Per 3: Your role is ticket agent.  I have email you a ticket, as well as the project description with your speaking lines underlined.


Summary of week before winter break:

We've had 2 quick quizzes. Absent students should create their own tests on Quizlet to keep them reviewing the vocabulary.

In class Thursday we did a bit of writing practice with the vocabulary. I'll post the sheet on worksheets. Absent students should use 2 airport vocabulary words per sentence, and PLEASE conjugate your verbs.


Tarea para la semana del 16-20 de diciembre

2 quick vocabulary quizzes this week:

Tuesday  12/17. 10 words, 5 in Spanish, 5 in English.  If Tuesday is a snow day, the quiz will be Wednesday 12/18. If there is a 2-hr. delay on Tuesday, we will still have the quiz.

Thursday 12/19.  Quick quiz on Google Forms.

You should be learning and reviewing airport vocabulary, as there is a lot of it.  When we come back from Christmas break, you'll be working on  a speaking group project with the vocabulary, and then the unit test.

due Tuesday: quick worksheet, 2 exercises. Handed out in class and posted on WORKSHEETS.


Tarea para viernes, el 13 de diciembre

Review airport vocabulary for quick vocabulary quiz on Friday 12/13.

Students who were absent from class Thursday:  Do the following Quizizz:   joinmyquiz.com CODE 812650



Tarea para jueves, el 12 de diciembre

Review airport vocabulary either using vocabulary sheet and/or Quizlet. We will have quick 10 word vocabulary quiz on Friday: I will say 5 in English (you write the Spanish) and 5 in Spanish (you write the English). 

In class Wednesday, we did a listening exercise (air travel announcement). If you missed class, please make arrangements to make up the exercise.

If you are missing class on Thursday due to the Senior Breakfast, make sure you check in with me sometime Thursday to get the work.


Tarea para miércoles, el 11 de diciembre

Quick worksheet - handed out in class and posted on WORKSHEETS.

Go through Airport vocabulary. Get familiar with these words!


Tarea para martes, el 10 de diciembre

We went through some of the Airport vocabulary in class. Homework is to read/say each vocabulary word ALOUD 2x.  There is also a quick crossword, posted on WORKSHEETS and handed out in class.


Classwork and homework, due Thursday 12/5 and Friday 12/6

Given the snow days this week, the quiz on Alejandro chapters 1 and 2 will be on Friday, December 6.

Students should review the vocabulary for chapter 2, as well as the story line. You should also know how to describe Alejandro and his siblings.

The back of the Apuntes, as well as the 2-sided Review Activities sheet should be completed to participate in class review on Thursday.

Thursday night there will be a 2-sided Quizlet for homework, due Friday. (It will be posted Thursday on WORKSHEETS for absent students)



Classwork for lunes y martes, el 25 y 26 de noviembre

The quiz on Alejandro chapters 1 & 2 will be Tuesday December 3. During the 2 days of Thanksgiving week, we are doing review activities. You can find both the Apuntes and the Review Activities on WORKSHEETS if you missed them in class. We will review both pages on Monday after break, so absent students should please do both sheets before then.


Classwork martes el 19 y miércoles el 20 de noviembre

We read chapter 2 of Alejandro in class. Students who were absent will need to do that. Try to underline the vocabulary words in paragraph 2 that pertain to air travel and airports (preview of our unit on air travel that we will do after Thanksgiving). Also try to do the 2 short exercises at the end of the chapter.


Classwork lunes el 18 de noviembre

Students who were absent missed the quiz on Alejandro chapter 1 and adjectives. You should plan to take it during XBlock on Tuesday, or before school Wednesday. You need to let me know when you will be taking it.

Absent students will also need to print out chapter 2 of Alejandro (on WORKSHEETS) to do the following: highlight the vocabulary from the top and the side of the chapter, AND read through the chapter and then answer the PreReading Questions (also posted on WORKSHEETS).  We will be reading together as well in class on Tuesday.