Tarea (Homework)

Homework is listed here.

Please note that homework is listed by DATE DUE.  It will typically tell you whether worksheets or other information are posted on the WORKSHEETS page for you to use.


Tarea para martes, el 12 de junio

1. Quiz on the preterite (past tense) is Thursday.

2. Final exam is next Monday, June 18. It is open notes, using anything in your Spanish binder and dictado notebook. If you are missing vocabulary or grammar, you can find it on WORKSHEETS page of my site.  It will be 10 sentences, covering topics from throughout the year. It is a test grade.

3. You should be using Quizlet or something of your own making to learn the past tense endings for -AR and -ER/-IR verbs.

4. Students who will be absent Tuesday because of the elementary music trip need to get the packet from me that we will be doing in class on Tuesday.

5. Homework due Tuesday 6/12: quick worksheet of 6 multiple choice questions. handed out in class and posted on WORKSHEETS.


Tarea para jueves, el 7 de junio

1. Quiz is Thursday; review Alejandro chapters 6-7.

2. Past tense hand-out from class (posted on WORKSHEETS): read through regular and irregular verbs. Highlight a couple irregular verb infinitives that you are likely to use often.


Tarea para martes, el 5 de junio

Quiz announced for Thursday. It will cover Alejandro chapters 6 and 7.

Students who were absent need to do Quizlet Flashcards for chapter 6 of Alejandro, and then 6/7 Combined. Both you'll find in your class on Quizlet.



Tarea para lunes - students who were ABSENT FRIDAY:

We read chapter 7 in class on Friday so students who were absent will need to read the chapter. Both pages can be found on WORKSHEETS.  


Tarea para viernes, el 1 de junio

Students in class did the Actividades for Alejandro chapter 6. You can find this, and the 1/2 page homework, on WORKSHEETS if you were absent.


Tarea para viernes/martes, el 25/29 de mayo

If you have done your quiz and poem this week, there is no homework! Enjoy the long weekend!


Tarea para jueves, el 24 de mayo

Finish poem practice to recite on Thursday.  Students absent Wednesday will need to get Alejandro chapter 6 from WORKSHEETS, and highlight the vocabulary, both from the top of the chapter as well as the vocabulary on the sides of the paragraphs. Absent students will also need to do the LEARN activity in Quizlet for the chapter 6 vocabulary. I've added the vocab to your class.


Tarea/Classwork para miércoles, el 23 de mayo

Students absent on Tuesday will need to make up the quiz on Alejandro chapter 5.  You can come to take it at 7:45 Wednesday morning.

Classwork after the quiz was quick research in preparation for chapter 6/7 of Alejandro. You can find the research questions posted on WORKSHEETS.

All students should be practicing the poem LA ARDILLA in preparation for Thursday.


Tarea para martes, el 22 de mayo

1. Review for Tuesday's quiz on Alejandro chapters 4/5. 

2. Begin working to learn the poem LA ARDILLA, handed out in class. You will need to learn the poem for Thursday 5/24. I've also posted it on WORKSHEETS.


Tarea para lunes/martes, el 21 y 22 de mayo

The quiz on chapters 4 and 5 of Alejandro will be Tuesday, May 22. Students should review the vocabulary and story lines for both chapters. I've combined the vocabulary for the 2 chapters into one study set in Quizlet and it is available for each class.


Classwork from miércoles, el 16 de mayo

We had all classes after MCAS today. In Spanish, we did a short Dictado on Alejandro chapter 5, and reviewed some of the work from Tuesday.

There is no homework, unless you did not finish Tuesday's classwork.


Tarea para martes, el 15 de mayo

We did the Apuntes in class on Friday after Dictado. Absent students will need to get the Apuntes on WORKSHEETS and do the Personajes and Vocabulario - in pencil. You can compare with a classmate on Tuesday to make sure you got it all.

Tarea para jueves, el 10 de mayo

Classes that took the Alejandro chapter 4 quiz have no homework since we started reading Alejandro chapter 5 in class. If you were absent and do not have the chapter, it can be found on WORKSHEETS. You will need to print and then highlight vocabulary throughout the chapter, from the top box, and the vocabulary on the sides of the paragraphs.

Periods 1 and 2 will take the chapter 4 quiz on Thursday so you should review your chapter notes for the quiz.


Tarea para miércoles, el 9 de mayo

1. Quiz on Alejandro chapter 4 is Wednesday 5/9 for Periods 3,4,5, 6. It is on Thursday 5/10 for Periods 1 and 2.

2. We did a Quizizz in class. Students who were absent will need to go to Quizizz, use game code 684686  before noon on Wednesday 5/9.


Tarea para martes, el 8 de mayo

1. We did the Apuntes for Alejandro chapter 4 in class. Absent students will need to print from WORKSHEETS and try to do the Apuntes on their own.

2. Do Actividades #2, handed out in class and posted on WORKSHEETS. Due Tuesday.

3. Quiz on Alejandro chapter 4 will be Wednesday 5/9 for periods 3, 4, 5, and 6. It will be Thursday for Periods 1 and 2, since I don't see you Tuesday due to MCAS testing.


Tarea para viernes, el 4 de mayo

Absent students from all classes: you need to highlight vobulary from the box above the chapter, as well as vocabulary on the sides of the paragraphs for Alejandro chapter 4. You will also need to do the 1/2 page dictado, and the Actividad #1 you missed in class.  These can be found on WORKSHEETS of my website.  Due Friday.


Tarea due jueves, el 3 de mayo

We read chapter 4 of Alejandro in class. Absent students can find it on WORKSHEETS to read.  Parts A & B to be completed for Thursday.


Classwork Tuesday May 1st - finish as homework, due Wednesday 5/2

We are doing research on Don Quixote, the famous literary character, before reading the next chapters of Alejandro. Research sheet handed out in class and posted on WORKSHEETS. There is also a quick quiz to take once you finish the research.  Finish for homework. Absent students need to do this work for Wednesday as well.


Tarea para lunes, el 30 de abril

1. Review prepositions and compass points for quiz on Monday.

2. Complete picture of Mariana's bedroom. This is a graded assignment due Monday, and will also be used for the speaking portion of Monday's quiz. Handed out in class and posted on WORKSHEETS for students who were absent Friday.


Tarea para viernces, el 27 de abril

1. Quiz on prepositions will be Monday, April 30.

2. We went through compass points today. The reference sheet is on WORKSHEETS for you to print out, and label, using the word bank. NOTE that all compass points are masculine (e.g. el norte).  You will need to know the 4 main compass points for Monday's quiz.

3. WORKSHEET - posted on WORKSHEETS section of my webpage and handed out in class. Due tomorrow.


Tarea para jueves, el 26 de abril

You can expect that our quiz for Prepositions is coming up, probably Monday, so you should be reviewing the list of prepositions, whether through Quizlet or some other way.


Tarea para miércoles, el 25 de abril

1. Review prepositions list.

2. Crossword puzzle - handed out in class and posted on WORKSHEETS.


Tarea para martes, el 24 de abril

1. Absent students can find Prepositions list on WORKSHEETS. You should review these for class Tuesday.

2. All students need to do the Flashcards for Prepositions in Quizlet.

3. Preposition packet was handed out in class, to be completed for Tuesday. Absent students will need to pick up the packet from me Tuesday morning.


Tarea para martes el 10 y miercoles el 11 de abril

Quiz on directions will be on Wednesday April 11. Students should be reviewing directions vocabulary and be familiar with following directions on a map. A reminder that the vocabulary is a study set on Quizlet if you want to review with Quizlet flashcards.

Map project - handed out in class on Monday and posted on WORKSHEETS for absent students. Please read through, and begin laying out your map. It is due Friday, at which point you will be giving me directions in Spanish from one location to another using the map.


Tarea para lunes, el 9 de abril

You need to finish your preparations to present your oral summary of Alejandro chapters 1-3 on Monday.