Tarea (Homework)

Homework is listed here.

Please note that homework is listed by DATE DUE.  It will typically tell you whether worksheets or other information are posted on the WORKSHEETS page for you to use.


Tarea para jueves, el 17 de enero

1. Quiz is Thursday - review conjugations and WHEN to use SER and ESTAR.

2. GRADED worksheet - handed out in class and posted on WORKSHEETS.

3. Students who were absent TUESDAY who have not done the Quizizz need to do so for Thursday. Go to https://join.quizizz.com Login # 077693


Tarea para miércoles, el 16 de enero

1. Quiz on SER/ESTAR will be Thursday, 1/17/19.  Students should know when to use SER and ESTAR, and how to conjugate both verbs.

2. Worksheet from class - 2 exercises. Handed out in class and posted on WORKSHEETS.

3. Absent students need to do the worksheet, as well as the QUIZIZZ we did for Dictado.  Go to https://join.quizizz.com Login # 077693


Tarea para martes, el quince de enero

Exercise at bottom and exercise on back of Dialogue sheet handed out in class. Post on WORKSHEETS for absent students - you need to do the dialog as well as the other exercises.


Tarea para jueves, el 10 de enero

2 quick exercises - handed out in class and posted on WORKSHEETS.

Review verbs for Friday's quiz.


Classwork from TUESDAY, el 8 de enero

2 sided worksheet, to be finished for review on Wednesday- handed out in class and posted on WORKSHEETS.  Also, a reminder that flashcards for Irregular 'yo" verbs is due Wednesday.


Tarea para martes, el 8 de enero

1. Quiz on Irregular "yo" verbs is Friday 1/11/19.

2. Do Flashcards on Quizlet, due Wednesday. Reminder: if you do them on your phone, you must login to your account on a desktop to have the work sync to your account.

3. Study sheet handed out in class and posted on WORKSHEETS.  It goes Eng-Spanish and Spanish-Eng, giving you 2 study sheets to quiz yourself with.


Tarea and classwork - Friday el 4 de enero - HW due lunes, el 7 de enero

1. Quizizz for Dictado.  Absent students can access it on https://join.quizizz.com CODE: 557345   DUE MONDAY

2. Students who were absent Thursday can find the 2 additional verbs we covered on WORKSHEETS:  Ver and Decir. 

3. Homework is quick worksheet practice of 6 irregular "yo" verbs. Handed out in class and posted on WORKSHEETS



Tarea para jueves, el 3 de enero

1. We went through the rest of the Irregular "yo" verbs in class. There is a KEY posted on WORKSHEETS for absent students. You should print it out and use that to help you do the homework - a worksheet also posted on WORKSHEETS, and handed out in class.

2. The verbs have also been put into Quizlet for you to begin getting to know - both the definitions and the conjugations.



Tarea para viernes, el 14 de diciembre

1. Next quick quiz (matching) on Airport vocabulary is Friday.  Use Quizlet or your vocabulary sheet to review.

2. Work on your speaking role for Monday.

SCHEDULE:  Matching Quiz Friday 12/14

                          Roles Quick Quiz Monday 12/17  (who does what in the airport/on the plane)

                          Speaking Presentations Mon 12/17

                          UNIT TEST Wednesday 12/19

Students absent on Thursday 12/13: Please email me to let me know if you are coming in at 7:45 Friday to take the quick labeling quiz you missed on Thurday.  You also missed a listening exercise.


Tarea para jueves, el 13 de diciembre

1. Next quick quiz on Airport vocabulary is Thursday. You will be labeling a picture. Use Quizlet or your vocabulary sheet to review.

2. The Airport speaking project was introduced on Wednesday in class. Student groups will be presenting on Monday 12/17. Students who were absent Wednesday should read through the project overview (posted on WORKSHEETS).  

                       Travis, Per 1 - your group assigned you the PILOT

                Nick, Per 2 - your group assigned you an AGENT. I can help you identify your lines when you are back.

                 Cassie, Per 3 - you are with Julia, Jillian, and Hailey. They can tell you your role.

                 Julia, Per 4 - you are in the green ticket group; they can tell you your role in class.

                 Julia B, Per 5 - you are in the purple ticket group; they can tell you your role in class.


Tarea para miércoles, el 12 de diciembre

Review Airport vocabulary. There is a picture-labeling quiz on Thursday, and a matching quiz on Friday.


Tarea para martes, el 11 de diciembre

1. Review Airport vocabulary. Next quick quiz of 10 words is Tuesday.

2. Quick worksheet, 2 exercises. Handed out in class and posted on WORKSHEETS for absent students.


Tarea para viernes, and FRIDAY CLASSWORK for students ABSENT FRIDAY

1. Crossword handed out in class Thursday and due Friday. Posted on WORKSHEETS.

2. Students absent Friday will need to do the Quizizz when they are back at school.

3. Worksheets posted on WORKSHEETS for students absent Friday - writing prompt and dialogue. Dialogue must include at least 15 Airport vocabulary words, and those should be HIGHLIGHTED.  There is also a picture and writing prompt for absent students to work on.

4. ALL STUDENTS should note that there is QUICK 10 word vocabulary quiz on Monday. Airport vocabulary.


Tarea para jueves, el 6 de diciembre

1. Read the Airport through ALOUD one time.

2. Worksheet: Quien soy yo? - handed out in class and posted on WORKSHEETS.


Tarea para martes, el 4 de diciembre

1. STUDENTS ABSENT MONDAY need to make up the quiz Tuesday am, 7:45 OR Tuesday Activity Period OR Tuesday after school. Please email me with your choice.

2. Airport vocabulary was handed out in class and is posted on WORKSHEETS.  ABSENT STUDENTS need to get it from WORKSHEETS.  

3. All students need to do the Flashcards on QUIZLET for Airport vocabulary by Wednesday December 5.  Make sure to listen to pronunciation of each word.


Tarea para lunes, el 3 de diciembre

Quick 2-sided Quizlet, handed out in class and posted on WORKSHEETS.

Review for Monday's quiz of chapters 1 and 2 of Alejandro.


Tarea para viernes, el 30 de noviembre

1. 2 sided review of Alejandro chapters 1 and 2. Handed out in class and posted on WORKSHEETS.

2. Reminder: Quiz on chapters 1/2 is Monday December 3.


Tarea para jueves, el 29 de noviembre

1. If Quizlet flashcards for Alejandro chapter 2 were not completed (you need to log in to your account on Quizlet!!) they must be done by Thursday to get any credit.

2. We did the Apuntes in class on Wednesday - do the back of the sheet for homework due Thursday.  ABSENT STUDENTS please note that the Apuntes are posted on WORKSHEETS for you.


Tarea para miércoles, el 28 de noviembre

1. Quiz on Alejandro chapters 1 AND 2 will be Monday, 12/3.

2. We finished reading chapter 2 in class today, and did the 2 exercises at the end of the chapter. Absent students should do that work.

3. Homework due Wednesday is to complete the 1/2 page Q&A handed out in class (posted on WORKSHEETS for absent students). Also, do the Flashcards on Quizlet for Alejandro chapter 2.



Tarea/Classwork de martes, el 20 de noviembre

Students who were absent Tuesday November 20:  print Alejandro chapter 2 from WORKSHEETS. Highlight the vocabulary within the chapter from the sides of the paragraphs and from the vocabulary box at the top of the chapter.


Tarea para viernes, el 16 de noviembre


Use your bag of props and practice for the speaking project on Friday.


Tarea para jueves, el 15 de noviembre

1. Study for quiz on Thursday; adjectives and Alejandro chapter 1.

2. Use your bag of props and practice for the speaking project on Friday.


Tarea para miércoles, el 14 de noviembre

1. Work on presentation for Friday. You should gather your bag of PROPS and be using them with your topic notecards to practice.

2. Adjectives and Alejandro chapter 1 are both sets on QUIZLET.  Study there or in your own way for Thursday's quiz.

ABSENT STUDENTS:  will need to show me their Notecards for the presentation, when back in class on Wednesday. You will also need to pull the Alejandro BUBBLE Sheet from WORKSHEETS. and do 5-6 bullets for one of the BUBBLES. We will be ging through all of them on Wednesday.


Tarea para viernes y martes, el 9 y el 13 de noviembre

1. Quiz announced for Thurs, 11/15: Alejandro chapter 1 and Adjectives.

2. Quien soy yo? Project:  Notecard due Tues 11/13; presentation with PROPS due Friday 11/16. Overview handed out and explained in class, and posted on WORKSHEETS.  

3. NOTECARDS for presentation: Have 1 card for each topic. Write topic on one side. Other side should have BRAINSTORMING words only, no sentences.   Example:  Physical Description ...........    alto, rubio.      Notecards due Tuesday as HW grade.  Shuffle and practice with them 5 minutes per day over the next week.

4. PROPS BAG:  Begin to put things into a bag at home that could be your props for doing your presentation next Friday. You will NOT be using your notecards for the actual presentation.

ABSENT STUDENTS:  You need to do each of the items noted above, as well as start the Apuntes from Thursday's class. The Apuntes are for chapter 1 of Alejandro, and we did them in class.  They are posted on WORKSHEETS for you to work on.




Tarea para jueves, el 8 de noviembre

Students who were in class on Wednesday do not have homework, as we will finish reading chapter 1 of Alejandro in class on Thursday.

Absent students need to read through line 14 of the chapter. I have posted the chapter on WORKSHEETS. You will also need to print it, and highlight all vocabulary at the TOP of the chapter into the chapter, as well as vocabulary words next to the paragraphs into the paragraphs.


Tarea para miércoles, el 7 de noviembre

Worksheet - Practice with Adjectives. Handed out in class and posted on WORKSHEETS.


Tarea para lunes, el 5 de noviembre

There is no homework for students who were in class on Friday. Absent students will need to get the notes on Adjectives Rules (posted on WORKSHEETS), and when you are back, you will need to get the packet for Day of the Dead.


Tarea para viernes, el 2 de noviembre

Students who were absent can find the homework on WORKSHEETS. You are to write, in pencil, the English translation for each adjective on the page.

Absent students will also need to do the Adjective Quiz that they missed in class on Thursday.

Students in class on Thursday who did not finish the translations need to do them for Friday.


Tarea para martes, el 30 de octubre

Test is on Tuesday, and covers all topics from Term 1. If you were absent Monday, your map is due when you return on Tuesday. There is a review Quizlet for study use on the Quizlet site.


Tarea para jueves, viernes y lunes, los 25, 26 y 29 de octubre

1. Organize binder for Term 1 Test on Tuesday October 30. We will be doing a study guide in class on Friday 10/26. It will be posted on WORKSHEETS on the weekend for students who are absent Friday.

2. Continue to work on labeling and coloring your map. Map is due Monday 10/29.


Tarea para miércoles, el 24 de octubre

STUDENTS ABSENT TUESDAY: Need to make plans to make up the quiz during the short classes on THURSDAY. You also need to pull the Map Project Overview from WORKSHEETS and be prepared Wednesday ( colored pencils, thin tipped markers) to work on your map.

All students should read through the Overview and orient yourself to what you will labeling and coloring on the map in class on Wednesday.


Tarea para martes, el 23 de octubre

GUSTAR quiz is Tuesday; you should review the reference sheet on Gustar, handed out last week and posted on WORKSHEETS.

We will be starting a map on Spain on Tuesday, due Monday 10/29. You should find colored pencils and the following thin tipped markers: blue, red, brown, black and purple.

Our Term 1 Test will be Tuesday 10/29 and cover all topics from term 1. A study guide will be provided on Friday.


Tarea para lunes, el 22 de octubre

Students are to do a Quizizz game as homework. You must complete it before 8 a.m. on Monday as the game closes at that time. You should go to https://join.quizizz.com  and use the following Code:

Per 1    431424

Per 2     905345

Per 3     597757

Per 4    658772

Per 5    305082

Per 7     905230


Tarea para viernes, el 19 de octubre

Quiz on the verb GUSTAR will be Tuesday, October 23.

STUDENTS ABSENT THURSDAY: We did a listening exercise in class. You can find it on WORKSHEETS if you were absent, and do it at home.  The link to the video and the directions for listening are ON the worksheet itself. You can also find the multiple choice part of Dictado and do that at home.  Bring both to me when you return to school.

We also did a pairs activity, and the other side is the HOMEWORK due Friday. This is also posted on the WORKSHEETS page.


Tarea para jueves, el 18 de octubre

2 sided worksheet on GUSTAR, handed out in class and posted on WORKSHEETS.


Tarea para martes, el 16 de octubre, AND classwork de lunes, el 15 de octubre


  1. Quiz makeups (LA HORA QUIZ) are available Wednesday am, 7:40 or Wednesday after school. Please email me and let me know which you will be doing.  
  2. Classwork from Monday (GUSTAR Overview) is on WORKSHEETS page. Print it out, and read BOTH sides for Tuesday.

Homework for all classes is to read the BACK of the GUSTAR Overview, as we went through the front in class.


Tarea para viernes, el 12 de octubre

2 sided worksheet on telling time. Handed out in class and posted on WORKSHEETS. Reminder, quiz on LA HORA is Monday.