Tarea (Homework)

Homework is listed here.

Please note that homework is listed by DATE DUE.  It will typically tell you whether worksheets or other information are posted on the WORKSHEETS page for you to use.



Tarea para viernes, el 18 de octubre

Quiz on the verb GUSTAR will be Tuesday, October 23.

STUDENTS ABSENT THURSDAY: We did a listening exercise in class. You can find it on WORKSHEETS if you were absent, and do it at home.  The link to the video and the directions for listening are ON the worksheet itself. You can also find the multiple choice part of Dictado and do that at home.  Bring both to me when you return to school.

We also did a pairs activity, and the other side is the HOMEWORK due Friday. This will be posted on the WORKSHEETS page by end of day Thursday.


Tarea para jueves, el 17 de octubre

2 sided worksheet on GUSTAR, handed out in class and posted on WORKSHEETS.


Tarea para martes, el 16 de octubre, AND classwork de lunes, el 15 de octubre


  1. Quiz makeups (LA HORA QUIZ) are available Wednesday am, 7:40 or Wednesday after school. Please email me and let me know which you will be doing.  
  2. Classwork from Monday (GUSTAR Overview) is on WORKSHEETS page. Print it out, and read BOTH sides for Tuesday.

Homework for all classes is to read the BACK of the GUSTAR Overview, as we went through the front in class.


Tarea para viernes, el 12 de octubre

2 sided worksheet on telling time. Handed out in class and posted on WORKSHEETS. Reminder, quiz on LA HORA is Monday.


Tarea para jueves, el 11 de octubre

2 sided worksheet on telling time. Handed out in class and posted on WORKSHEETS.  Quiz on LA HORA will be Monday October 15.


Tarea/Classwork para martes, el 2 de octubre

There is no homework for students who were in class on Monday.  ABSENT STUDENTS need to email me to schedule a time to take the quiz they missed.  Also there is a Regular Verb Review posted on WORKSHEETS that we went through in class after the quiz. Students who were absent should print and read through it.


Tarea para lunes, el 1 de octubre

Review for Monday's Quiz:  Question words (sing the song) and Articles. Especially review about words ending in -d, -ción and -sión being feminine.

Do not lose your completed interview sheet - you will need it for the writing portion of the quiz on Monday.  IF YOU WERE ABSENT FRIDAY you will need to interview someone in your home (family member, friend, dog) and bring one completed interview on the sheet to class Monday for the quiz.


Tarea para viernes, el 28 de septiembre

Write the 6 interview questions for interviews in class on Friday. The interview sheet was handed out in class and is posted on WORKSHEETS. You are to use pencil, and ONLY write the questions in column 2.


This sheet will be used with one interview for Monday's quiz.  IF YOU ARE ABSENT FRIDAY, you will need to interview someone in your family so that you have one interview of information to write about on Monday's quiz.