Virtual Spanish - our new lives for now


Una Vida y un Mundo Diferente

¡Hola a mis estudiantes!


While our world is completely different right now, we can still learn and have fun. 


** UPDATE 4/16/20 **

Mountview and the school district have now moved to more formalized distance learning. You are expected to participate in your classes remotely, and participate in the work and activities for your classes.

My Spanish class is on Monday and Wednesday each week. I will post the work in the morning, and will often offer a Google Hangout for you to participate and ask questions.


I am using Google Classroom to post an announcement each day, and to communicate with you for questions, comments and support.  


 My office hours each day are between 9 am and 11 am, though I am checking back frequently during the rest of the school day as I review the work you submit and provide feedback. You can reach me by email, submit a personal comment in Google Classroom, or submit a question in the Classroom Stream if you think it would be a useful question for other students.  Remember, if you email me, you need to check your email for my response :-)


If you have not already done so, you need to sign into your Spanish class in Google Classroom.  Use the following code to sign into YOUR class period:

Period 1      wldeizo [all lower case letters]

Period 2     kkz56f6

Period 3     642zmcs

Period 4     rid2fi5   [that's an i before the 5]

Period 5     ko3hkwh

Period 7     oley26z


3. Get your rest, take a walk, read a book, and do a little Spanish each day. Email me with any questions!



"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb