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Documents at the TOP of the list are most recent.


GRADED Homework: Ser/Estar - HW due Thurs 1/17/19

2 exercises - HW due Wed 1/16/19

Dialog and homework exercises - HW due Tues 1/15/19


2 Quick Exercises - Irregular 'yo" verbs : HW due Thursday 1/10/19


2 sided WorkSheet from class Tuesday 1/8.


Study Sheet for Irregular "yo" verbs - handed out in class Monday 1/7.

Quick Practice 6 irregular "yo" verbs - HW due Monday 1/7/19

VER and DECIRfrom class Thursday 1/3, for absent students. 

Irregular "yo" verbs - from class on Wednesday 1/2/19 - for absent students : contains the definition and the "yo" form; you will need to fill out the rest of it.

Quick Irregular yo worksheet - HW due Thursday 1/3/19



Speaking Project Overview - see Tarea page for notes

WORK for students absent Friday 12/7: Dialogue, Pictures and Writing Prompt

Airport Vocabulary - from class Monday 12/3.

Apuntes for Alejandro chapter 2 - BACK is the HW due Thurs 11/29

Alejandro Chapter 2 and Chapter 2 Preliminary Reading Questions - from class Tues 11/20

Alejandro Note BUBBLES - from class Tuesday 11/13.

Alejandro chapter 1 Apuntes - from class Thurs 11/8.

Quién soy yo? Project Overview - due Fri 11/16

Alejandro chapter 1 - from class Wed 11/7.



Practice with Adjectives - HW due Wednesday 11/7.

Adjective List - from class and HW due Friday Nov 2.


Spain Map Overview (list of places on back)    Blank Map     Useful websites:

From class Thursday 10/18: Listening Activity     Dictado Multiple Choice

Homework for Friday 10/19 - Do the side that is NOT a pairs activity

YouTube Overview of GUSTAR - watch the 1st 7 minutes : class on Tues 10/16


GUSTAR overview - from class Mon 10/15. Read both sides for Tuesday 10/16.

OVERVIEW: LA HORA - from class Tues/Wed 10/9-10/10

Quick Forms Quiz - Regular Verbs

Regular Verb Review - from class Mon 10/1

Overview of Articles - from class Wed 9/26

Questions Overview and Apuntes - from class Mon 9/24

GRADED Numbers Practice - HW due Fri 9/21

Quick worksheet - HW due Thurs 9/20

Math Practicefrom class Tuesday 9/18.  Finish for HW due Wednesday.

Numbers Overview and Hints - from class Friday 9/14

Vocabulario 1,4,5

Expresiones de la Clase

Vocabulario de la Clase - from class Friday 8/31/18

Class Guidelines(page 1) and Parent Info (page 2)