Click on the hyperlink (document title)  to open a document. As much as possible, I try to provide documents in PDF format. 


Documents at the TOP of the list are most recent.  If you cannot PRINT a worksheet, you should at least write the answers on a separate piece of paper.



Quick Worksheet - "Quien soy yo?" - HW due Wed 12/11

Airport Crossword - HW due Tuesday 12/10

Airport Vocabulary



Quizlet Worksheet - 2 sided. HW due Friday 12/6


Review Actividades - Alej 1&2 - from class Tues 11/25 ABSENT STUDENTS SHOULD COMPLETE BOTH SIDES

Apuntes Alej2 - both sides done in class Mon and Tues 11/25 and 11/26  ABSENT STUDENTS SHOULD COMPLETE IT


Alejandro chapter 2

PreReading Questions for Alejandro chapter 2 - from class Monday 11/18



Example of topic cards for Quien soy yo presentation - your topic cards due Wed 11/13


Descripion Bubbles for Alejandro chapter 1

Apuntes [notes page] - Alejandro chapter 1


Quien soy yo?Speaking project, assigned Thurs 11/7; due Friday 11/15


Alejandro chapter 1highlight vocabulary as prep for reading in class Wed 11/6


Adjective Listfrom class Thurs 10/30

Adjective Rules and examples - from class Mon 11/4

Practica de AdjetivosHW due Tues 11/5


Study Guide for Term 1 Test - HW if not completed in class Monday 10/28

Blank Spain Mapin case you need another copy for the project

Map of Spain Project overview, and list of places for the map - handed out in class Wed 10/22

Gustar and Verb Packet - HW due Tues 10/22

Dictado from class Mon 10/21 - FRONT ONLY


2-sided worksheet - HW due Fri 10/18

Quick worksheet - HW due Thurs 10/17

Reading with Q&A - HW due Wed 10/16


Gustar Walkthroughhanded out in class Fri 10/18

Gustar - Overview handed out in class Friday 10/11


Practica #2 La Hora - HW due Thurs 10/10

Practica de la HoraHW due Wed 10/9


Repaso La HoraHW due Mon 10/7


Overview LA HORAhanded out in class Thurs 10/3


Interview QuestionsHW due Wednesday 10/2


Articles Practiceworksheet started in class 9/30, and due as HW Tues 10/1

1/2 sheet - both sides - HW due Mon 9/30

Los Artículosgrammar overview [with examples] handed out in class Fri 9/27

Question Words Chartfrom class Wed 9/25

Question Words Notes [apuntes] - also from class Wed 9/25

Building Questions from Answers practice - from class Wed 9/25


Práctica #2  los Números - Graded HW due Tues 9/24


Practica #1 NumbersHW due Friday 9/20

El Alfabeto - from class, 9/19


Quick Numbers WorksheetHW due Thurs 9/19  Write answers as Spanish words; word scramble is optional.

Numbers Overview and list of numbers - from class Wed 9/18



2-sided weather worksheet - HW due Friday 9/13

Crossword - HW due Thursday 9/12  DO FRONT ONLY

Vocabulario 1, 4, 5from class Tuesday 9/10 and Wednesday 9/11

2-sided review worksheet - HW due Wed 9/11

2-sided crossword - HW due Friday 9/6

Expresiones de Clase - from class Thursday 9/5; HW is to pencil in English definitions for those you know

Vocabulario de Clase

Question Word Song - from class Thursday 8/29

Parent/Student Info (both sides) - handed out in class as well