2021-2022 School Year


      Bienvenidos / Welcome to my webpage!

   Hola Parents and Students,

   It is a pleasure to have your child in my class for Spanish. Throughout our school year, your child will be learning basic skills and understanding of a new foreign language: Spanish. Also, he/she will be able to communicate messages more effectively, not just memorizing words or grammar points and taking a test. Your child can move to a higher level of Spanish: the Novice -Mid level, that means: I can understand the main idea in short, simple texts on familiar topics when I listen and read in Spanish. I can ask and answer questions in a conversation on familiar topics, using simple sentences. I can write or speak on familiar topics, using phrases and short, simple sentences. So, the gist is really this: focus on high frequency structuresCommunicate expectations. Make them feel welcome.

   Thank you for embarking on this new journey of Learning and may you have a wonderful and safe school year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me: mitsymartinez@excelsiorschools.com. Hope to see you soon!! Nos vemos. Gracias,
                                                          Sra. Martinez, "To have another language is to possess a second soul"


                                                                                          Thank you for your support, 

                                                                                        Sra. Martinez, Spanish Teacher


                                                                                                 Ph#: (786) 565 9188