8th Grade Syllabus


8th Grade Course Description:


  • We will review the sounds of the letters in the Spanish alphabet, continue to read and write words and sentences in Spanish.


  • We will learn and review vocabulary and simple phrases related to the  topics listed below:


  • We will introduce several parts of speech, learn how to form simple commands and questions, and learn other simple grammar skills.  We will also introduce stem changing verbs, and continue to conjugate verbs in the present tense.  We will use verbs and grammar skills that go along with each unit.


  • We will learn to read, translate, and answer questions on short paragraphs.


  • Tests:   After completing every unit, there will be a test on the vocabulary and phrases of that unit, and also over conjugation of the verbs and grammar skills learned during that unit.   1 test per unit.


  • Presentations/ Projects/ Assignments:   We will put into practice the vocabulary words and phrases that we have learned in class throughout the unit.  This will help us review for our unit tests.   A presentation, project or other assignment will be due and the end of each unit. Refer to the rubrics for more details.


  • Textbook:  Realidades



8th Grade Unit Outline:


Unit 1 :  Review:  Introduction (Getting Started)




Unit 2: Geography



Unit 3: Family and Friends



Unit 4: Home and House

Unit 5: School



Unit 6: Sport and Leisure 



Unit 7: Let's Eat



Unit 8: Stores, Shopping, Clothes



Read: Pobre Ana (Novel)