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   January 2017

Mrs. Perez’s

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Notes:    Image result for notes


Elementary Students:

K-5 on Wednesday rotation:

We are learning the colors, numbers and the words slow and fast.

Count to ten in Spanishhttps://youtu.be/Q6ojH4UU_qk

 The Colors in Spanish Song https://youtu.be/zpLQSdu4V94

We are also learning vocabulary related to the story of the  "Tortoise and the Hare"  in Spanish.


Middle School Students:


Unit: House and Home




 Assignment due:


Spanish Test :



Bloomz App:

Parents, please join our Spanish Class on the Bloomz App.  Our class code is KJ32K5.   We will be using this app to communicate and announce test dates, assignments and other important dates and upcoming events in our Spanish Class.  We can also use this app to message each other whenever you  have a concern or question.  Thanks!    



  1. Check out important test, assignment and presentation dates below at the bottom of this page. 
  2. Do not forget to bring your 3 ring, hardcover, Spanish binder to class every day!  Make sure your handouts, notes and daily work are in the  binder.
  3. Sign up, and join our class on quizlet:

7th Grade at https:// quizlet.com/join/yNDtMAddt  

8th Grade at https://quizlet.com/join/aHMNHpR8j 

Make sure that your username has your first name.  This will allow me to quickly identify you.  example: JanetS7


Daily Homework: Practice our vocabulary words for a minimum of 5 minutes each school night on quizlet.  On Quizlet,  you will also be able to hear the correct pronunciation of each of our vocabulary words and letters of the Spanish alphabet.  There are flashcards, quizzes and other activities that you can choose from to help you master the vocabulary words and Spanish alphabet for this unit.   


What We are Learning   Image result for learning

2nd -  3rd Grade:

Songs and words with the letters : D, F, G, H

Students will learn words and phrases related to the house and home in Spanish.  

We will learn sounds and names of the letters: D, F, G, H


5th Grade:  

Songs and words with the letters : D, F, G, H

Students will learn words, phrases and  sentences related to the house and home in Spanish.  

We will learn sounds and names of the letters: D, F, G, H

Read and Write blends and short words in Spanish with the Letters: D, F, G, H



7th & 8th Grade:


Throughout this unit we will be learning how to say, read and write words and sentences using terms related to home and house. 


We will be learning about the following topics:


Vocabulary related to house and home


Numbers 0-31




Possessive Adjectives


Conjugation of the verbs "to be" (ser), to have (tener), to live (vivir) and to prepare (preparar) in the present tense. 


Sounds of the letters in the Spanish Alphabet

Learn the Spanish alphabet and vowels with BASHO & FRIENDS



Correct Pronunciation of syllables and words containing these letters in Spanish     



Prepositions: on, in and under


The Expressions: there is, there are, Is there and are there


Upcoming Events:    Image result for calendar


Important Dates:


7th & 8th Grade: 


Assignment Due: 


Spanish Test :




Coming Soon:

We will soon begin working on Mango Languages!  This will allow students to work at their own pace and level, while working to strengthen areas that are more difficult.   I am very excited to see how this will benefit and strengthen the students' grammar, reading, writing and speaking skills in our Spanish class.  I will soon be posting the log in information for Mango Languages.          





We had fun making tortillas, eating Mexican sweet bread, chorizo, and Mexican spicy/sweet candy.

 We also played Mexican bingo, and played with Mexican wooden toys!  


Tortilla Recipe