Welcome to Spanish Class

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Bienvenidos a la Clase De Español!


I am very excited about teaching Spanish, which is my native language!  I have been surrounded by several amazing hispanic cultures, and hope to share that excitement with you this year!  We will have lots of fun learning about different Spanish speaking countries and their traditions, celebrations, foods and culture.       


The students will start learning Spanish just as if they were beginning to learn their first language.  We will start from the bottom by learning the names and sounds of the letters of the Spanish alphabet, basic words and short phrases.  As the students advance to higher grades they will learn to sound out blends, words and eventually be able to write sentences and read entire paragraphs in Spanish.  However, this does not happen overnight.  You can compare this to a baby learning how to speak.  At the beginning stages, they make lots of mistakes and communicate in simple and single words.  As years go by, their pronunciation becomes clearer and their vocabulary more extent.  Their communication, grammar and reading skills also improve dramatically as years pass by.  Learning a new language is exactly the same.  It takes time and lots of practice and patience .  


We will be learning Spanish through repetition, games, songs, videos and acting out every day real life scenarios.  You can help your child practice the vocabulary and skills learned in class by reviewing vocabulary lists, through interactive learning apps, watching Spanish cartoons, tv and music at home.  You can also encourage your child to speak to native speakers in their surroundings and in the community.   Some apps that I recommend are: Duolingo, FluentU and Fun Spanish: Language learning games for kids.  StudySpanish.com is also a great website for the middle school grades to review grammar and pronunciation.    


I am really looking forward to meeting and working with each one of the students and their families!



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