Wish List for Spanish Class


                           Wish List


                           Spanish Class


                                                                     We would love to receive any of the following:        


Pencils - Sharpened - No 2



Markers - Washable

Ruled - Notebook Paper

Paper -Construction

Tape - Scotch - Roll/Dispenser

Typing/ Copying Paper




Students will need to have the following Items for Spanish Class:  


        Image result for folder                                  *Middle School:                                 Image result for binder                           

1 Binder - Durable - View - 1.5 Inch 

1 Folder - 2 Pockets

Notebook paper

Sharpened Pencils

*other materials may be needed for end of the unit projects according to the type of projects students choose to make




*Grades 3rd - 5th

       Image result for folder         

1 Folder - 2 Pockets

Notebook paper