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Syllabus Intermediate Spanish



COURSE DESCRIPTION: This is a foundation Spanish course beginning with introductions and courtesies, colors, numbers, classroom, family, home, culture and geography while always stressing oral fluency. We will learn the present tense, many songs, and skits. We’ll talk about weather, seasons, calendar, time, sports, animals, food, clothing and our favorite activities.


  1. All students, whether in classroom or remote learners are expected to follow class rules as outlined by the teacher on the first day of school and are expected to adhere to and be familiar with Pine View policies regarding tardiness, attendance, academic honesty, and grading as stated in the Pine View Student Handbook.
  2. Daily homework assignments always include 10 minutes of DUOLINGO practice. Homework is posted on the classroom white board, on our website and on BlackBoard.  
  3. Use of GoogleTranslate or other online translation applications is not permitted at Pine View. Please use your text or a traditional dictionary.


Realidades {Pearson-Prentice Hall, 2019)

Textbook/Workbook (AMSCO, Fourth Edition, 2016) Spanish Is Fun



BlackBoard: All the learning materials and assignments will be posted on BlackBoard. This year students will experience many online learning activities. Assignments and projects will be submitted through BlackBoard online links.

DUOLINGO: Students in each Spanish class will practice daily 10 minutes (or more) with this free resource.

MATERIALS: If possible, please bring your personal laptop to class. Students must bring the necessary materials to class each day:

  1. A folder with pockets, or section of a notebook, with an ample supply of loose leaf paper dedicated to this Spanish class.
  2. Blue or black ink pens, pencils
  3. Spanish/English Dictionary for use at home
  4. Text (per syllabus)
  5. One packet of 3x5 index cards, 100 count (ruled or unruled)
  6. Donation please: one box tissues
  7. Red pen
  8. Personal pencil sharpener



CELL PHONE POLICY: Cell phones may be used for instructional purposes only. Instructors will direct students to take out and put away their device as needed. At all other times, cell phones and ear buds should not be visible during the instructional period. Teachers may elect to collect cell phones during assessments or as part of their classroom procedures. Unauthorized cell phone use during class time may result in a discipline referral.

ACADEMIC HONESTYStudents who choose not to represent their own original work do not place learning as central to their purpose in attending Pine View School. These are the following discipline guidelines:

First Offense: Student receives “zero” for the assignment/test/project. Referral submitted. Conference between student, parent, teacher and administrator.

Second Offense: Student fails the class for the quarter. Referral submitted and student referred to Academic Honor Council.

Third Offense: Referral submitted. A conference will be scheduled, recommending placement to a regular districted school. Student receives “zero” for the quarter.


  1. All quizzes will be administered on Thursday of each regular week throughout the school year.
  2. Your grade will be based on the following:

Assessments: 65%

Homework/Participation:  20%

Classwork/Projects: 15%




  1. Teacher may be contacted by email: or by phone between 8:45-4:15.
  2. Please print and sign a copy of these Expectations and return with your child. Remote learners, please email an image of signatures on this form. Your signatures indicate that you have read the Student Expectations and Academic Honesty Policy and agree to support me at home, so that your child will have a successful experience in Spanish. If you wish, leave me a note regarding your child.


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