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Helpful Links

Here are some helpful links to get you through class.  Check them out - there are many fun activities to help you practice your Spanish!!!
Lessons and Drills for Basic Spanish Learners
Fun Spanish Activities
How to type Spanish characters
Here is a site to help you when you are typing in Spanish.
Learn Spanish
Check this one out!! Verb conjugations, new vocabulary, online chat to help with Spanish conversation and more!
Online Spanish Learning Resourses
More activities and games to help with grammar and vocabulary!
Paso a Paso
Help and activities offered from the makers of your Spanish book
Spanish Grammar Exercises
Excellent exercises to help with grammar!
Lessons and Practice Drills
The only online site allowed for use!!!
This is an online dictionary. Online translators are NOT allowed in my class, however, this is a great site to use to look up individual words. It gives you examples of how to use words (so you don't use the wrong one) in addition to having a forum where people can discuss specific uses. WARNING - the forum may or may not have inappropriate words and comments on it. Don't forget - you will still need to conjugate your verbs if that is what you are looking up!!!!
Get 2 Months for $5!