Actividades del verano: AP Cultura

 No es requisito para los que tomaron nivel 4.  Es importante para los que no tomaron nivel 4 que hagan estas actividades y prácticas. Además es buena práctica para todos.


AP Spanish Language and Culture Summer Assignment


If you did not take level 4 Spanish, you are being asked to do Summer Work to familiarize you with the expectations and format of the AP Spanish exam while maintaining your Spanish over the summer. The work you will be doing will keep your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills active and encourage you to develop good habits for improving these skills in Spanish. This work will also help you discover and put into use technology as a resource for connecting to real-life Spanish. Please don’t be overwhelmed! If you spread the work out I think you will find it is quite manageable and hopefully even fun.

Please do all activities completely and to the best of your ability.  You should hand write your work very neatly so I can give you some constructive feedback


The Assignments

1. Speaking: * Hablando en español *

  • Watch a broadcast or video en español- taking notes of words and small phrases to use in your speaking is a good idea. Do NOT write a paragraph to read for your task!
  • Research, in Spanish, some information that corresponds to the topic of the broadcast or video. You may find an article on an internet site. A traditional printed source such as a newspaper or magazine works as well. Make sure you keep records of the references you use for your research. 
  • Reflect and then compare the video source with your written source. 
  • Make a 1 to 2 minute recording in Spanish telling me the topic on which you are reflecting. Integrate information from both sources in your recording.
  • This is my Google Voice phone number to call (336) 525-9252, wait for my greeting and then leave your message. Please remember to state your full name.



2. Listening and writing: Mira y escucha un programa (no escojas una película) en español por lo menos 2 horas (Hay varios en Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., Univisión, etc.). Piensa en lo que viste y oíste, entonces escribe ocho a diez oraciones en español. Dime el tema o la acción del programa comparando éstas con otro programa que has visto o con tus propias experiencias. Puedes buscar páginas o reportajes en la red para encontrar programas y lecturas sobre dicho tema. Incluye la dirección de la página que escogiste.  Escribe las frases a mano y mándamelas:

3. Reading:

A. Find an online newspaper article, in Spanish, that you think describes the most significant event of the summer. Read the article thoroughly, then plan the argument you will make to the class to convince them that this was, indeed, the most significant event of the summer. You must have at least three, logical and coherent arguments and you must cite the article to support your arguments. Please don’t pick an article/event that you can’t thoughtfully support with evidence from your article  (this should be written by hand and sent to:

B. Read the articles provided on the page entitled "AP Summer reading"- there are no assignments to go with these, but you will need to be familiar with them throughout the year

4. Grammar: You will do a series of online grammar practices to review and sharpen the basics. Don’t worry about getting a perfect score so much as self-assessing which grammar points you still need to work on.

Go to and use these codes to practice:

Grammar point                                                        Web code

1. present tense jkd-0002
2. preterit jkd-0003
3. imperfect jkd-0006
4. present perfect/pluperfect jkd-0007
5. ser v.estar jkd-0008
6. progressive tenses jkd-0027
7.present subjunctive jkd-0014
8. present perfect subjunctive jkd-0015
9.imperfect subjunctive jkd-0021
10. commands jkd-0024
11. other uses of subjunctive jkd-0025, jkd-0033
12. future/future perfect jkd-0017
13. conditional jkd-0018
14. por vs. para jkd-0029
15. words that confuse jkd-0031


For additional practice:

  • (good for practice with many free exercises and games)
  • (good for practice conjugating, but also has grammar practice)
  • (has grammar and vocabulary practice as well as grammar explanations)   I highly suggest this site for working with imperfect subjunctive and si clauses!