Español 3: tips for success

¡Hola, chicos!


Aquí tienen algunas sugerencias y estrategías para ser exitos@ en la clase de español 3:


Primero:    HABLA español en clase. Es una clase de español- no es una clase de inglés. 

Do you need to work on listening?   Here is the link to a great site- try different scenarios, first without the script and then using the script to check your comprehension!

                                                                   Listening comprehension


Other ideas for listening comprehension:  listen to music in Spanish, watch a Spanish show on Newflix (use the subtitles in Spanish!), change the language of a movie you already know to Spanish (Disney plus has a lot- choose the Spain/Spanish language!) 


Label things in your house in Spanish- not the things you already know- learn some new words! 

Change the setting on your phone to Spanish for a few days!

Read a Spanish-language newspaper- there are plenty of them online!  periódicos en línea

Listen to "News in Slow Spanish"  news