Welcome to the St. John's School 5th grade information website for parents and students!

This website was created to serve as a means of communication from the teachers to the parents.  The site is updated weekly.  If there are any questions or comments, you can email any of the 5th grade teachers directly.  Each email address is located on each teacher's individual subject link above. We know that we hold your most prize possession in our hands and we will do our best to make them shine!  Laughing  



Chapel is every Thursday morning except for weeks that we have all school chapels which fall on Wednesdays.  This week chapel will be on Thursday.  Parents, please be sure that your child is here before 8:00 am.  Feel free to join us at Chapel as well!

Birthday Info:

Your child’s birthdays are fun and exciting days for them.  We know they like to celebrate at home and at school!  So, we have decided on a way to celebrate the birthdays for the month all at one time.  All of the children who have birthdays in a certain month will celebrate them on the same day.  The children will get together beforehand to “plan” what they will bring to share.  We will make sure you get plenty of notice.  We will celebrate with all three fifth grade classes at lunchtime.  12:15-1:00  (We can be flexible since we don’t have any interferences before or after).  Thank you for your understanding with our birthday policy.

Please be reminded that school begins at 8:00 sharp and as fifth graders we have
a special first period. Therefore it is much more helpful if your child is at school,
and ready for class before 7:55. We understand that mornings can be hectic so to
make them go smoother, prepare as much of your childís backpack the night before.
Remember to have the reading logs signed, PE clothes or school uniform ready, and
all books ready to go! If necessary, set your alarms for 5 or 10 minutes earlier in the
morning to get up and going. We would really appreciate everyone being here on
The 5th Grade Teachers

School ends when all the students are out front at 3:30PM. The parking lot seems to
be moving smoother these days with all of us classroom teachers out watching for
your BLUE signs. Thank you to all of you who have been picking up your children
in a timely matter. If possible, please try to be here by 3:45. We would really
appreciate it.
Thank you.

Reminders of the days your children have P.E.

Mrs. Bozeman-Monday and Friday 8:00AM
Mr. Salston-Tuesday and Thursday 8:00AM
Ms. Sweeney-Wednesday and Thursday 1:50PM

Remember if your child has PE first thing they are to wear their PE uniform
and then bring their school uniform to change into after class. If they have an
afternoon PE they will wear their school uniform and then change into the PE
uniform at lunchtime. Please make sure to check the days and dress accordingly.


All students are expected to turn in homework on the day after it has been assigned.  If a student does not have the homework, their name will go on the board and the work needs to be completed by the end of that week.  If the work is not done, it will be a zero in the gradebook.  There will be no carrying over past Friday for last homework.  Finally, there is not homework on the weekend unless it is an extended project or work that needs to be completed from class.

In preparation for middle school, our homework policy will change 3rd and 4th quarter.  In the 3rd quarter, students will only be allowed one day to make up late homework.  In the 4th quarter, no late homework will be accepted.



Please remember to make sure your child reads for 20 minutes nightly.  Don't forget to initial the Reading Log.  Ms. Sweeney will check the reading logs daily for minutes read and parent signature.



The students will each be issued a St. Johns planner in which they are to write in all of their homework assignments and events. Students are to always have their planners. The teacher will check the planner every morning for parent signature and reading logs.  When a parent signs the planner, they are aknowledging that they have seen the child's completed homework assignments.


* Planners were issued on August 10, 2010 to each student. 


Grade Five Casual Day

The grade five students and teachers have decided that we would like
an extra Casual Day. We have chosen the second Friday of each month
for fifth grade only and that there would be a charge of 25 cents. This will help
them prepare for Middle School where there is a charge of 50 cents weekly.
The traditional free Casual Day, the last Friday of the month, is still taking place
as usual. This will also begin grade five’s fundraising for the coming year. Your
children seem excited about the idea and we would like to enlist your support and
encouragement of our students.  The first 25 cent casual day is Friday August 13, 2010.

Thank you for all your efforts preparing your children for success at St.John’s.


All 5th grade students have been issued an Open Court Reading book for the year.  The students are to bring the book to class every day.  If they do not have any homework using the book they may leave it in their cubby in their classroom.  If they bring it home they MUST return it the following day.  Please make sure your child does NOT leave it at home.  Thanks!


Info from the PTA

Last Wednesday there was a PTA General Meeting and here are some of the reminders from that meeting:

1.     Recycling-You may bring your recycled materials (paper, cardboard, and plastics) to school and drop them off in receptacles in Maui Wells.  Every little bit helps!

2.   You may bring any and all magazines to Mr. Meyer in the library. 

3.   On September 18 Habitat for Humanity is holding a Rummage Sale here at school.

4.   If you are interested in purchasing any used uniforms you may contact the PTA at any time.  They will set up a time for you to come and purchase them.

5.   The PTA are collecting any and all used clothing, hats, belts, costumes…actually anything... for the Drama Department.  There is a drop box in the office. 

6.   They have planned many different activities during the year.  Be sure to check their webpage on the St. John’s website.




Please click on the desired link at the top of the page for further information.

Ms. Sweeney, Mr. Salston and Mrs. Bozeman