Mrs. Bozeman/(Sci & M)


Science Test on Variables Wednesday May 4





Chapter 12 Test- Tuesday May 3



I am Ebony Bozeman and this year I have the honor of being the 5th grade science teacher at St. John's School!  I feel that this will be a good year of learning, inquiry and growth!

I earned my Bachelors of Science degree in Chemistry from Clalfin University in Orangeburg, SC. I earned my teaching certification at Florida State College in Jacksonville, Florida. I have been teaching for the past eight years. During my years, I have taught sixth through twelfth grade students. I am very excited about teaching fifth grade this year!  I am happily married with three energetic children. I am looking forward to a wonderful and rewarding school year.

This year in science will be lots of hands on learning.  We start the year by reviewing the Scientific Method that was taught last year.  During the year, we cover a little bit of Life Science, Earth-Space Science and Physical Science.  We will be using the Harcourt Science book as well as FOSS science kits.  FOSS kits will be the primary source for learning, the text books are only for reference.  This change was made once the FOSS kits arrived to the school after the year had begun.

My math class will be learning fromt he Harcourt 6th grade math book.  We will work in groups and do lots of repetition to ensure that learning is taking place.  Since this is a higher math, students will be challenged to prepare them for middle/high school math.

 In my classes my main rule is to show respect.  I feel that by showing respect there should not be excessive talking, arguing nor getting into any trouble.  On the first day of school, I explained my respect expectations to the students. Another rule that I have is to keep your area clean and to complete all assigned work.  I feel that is the students abide by these simple rules, they will be successful!

Please feel free to contact me at any time via email, phone or conference.

Mrs. Bozeman