St. Mark Children and Youth

8th Annual Children's Christmas Pageant

Saturday, December 11, 2010

10:00 at Wesley Commons, 5:00 at Rivers Street

Each year, the children of our church share the wonderful story of the birth of Jesus Christ through a very special drama for our congregation and our community.  We have angels in halos, we have oppressed Israelites praying for a Savior, we have a cow munching on hay, and a star to guide everyone to the Baby.  We have shepherds who share the good news, a new mommy in awe of her Son, and two children who will share Scripture with us and guide us through the Christmas story.  There are townspeople, Elizabeth and Zechariah, Caesar, Joseph, Herod, a donkey, a camel, and so much more.  There are 47 children who have chosen to dedicate time and love to this pageant, and I am so grateful to them and to their parents.  This year, we are trying something new.  This year we will present the Christmas story twice.  We will be at Wesley Commons in Asbury Hall at 10:00 Saturday morning.  Saturday evening at 5:00, we will present our pageant for the congregation of St. Mark and for anyone else who would like to be blessed with the telling of such an important story in such a special way.  As we all rush around preparing for Christmas, please take a few minutes to come to the Christmas pageant.  Those of you who have come before know what a special night this is, not only for the children, but for those who come to watch them.  If you have never been before, prepare to be treated to a re-telling of the Christmas story that is traditional and heart warming.  If you are not yet in the Christmas spirit, you surely will be.  Join us for the 8th Annual St. Mark Children’s Christmas Pageant, and prepare to have your hearts filled with the true joy and spirit of Christmas that you will carry with you through the year and always.