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Weeks of Sept. 16th - Sept. 20th


What We Are Learning About:

The students are getting used to the school day and we are diving into the curriculum. They have been hard workers the past week and I am proud of what they are accomplishing each day. 

MATH--------> The students are continuing to learn about place value. We will be reviewing standard form, word form, and expanded form for numbers up to the hundred thousands. We will also be rounding numbers to a certain place value and comparing these numbers with one another by using "greater than" and "less than."

Language Arts--------> This week the students will be starting their first story in StoryTown: The Hot and Cold Summer.  The story encompasses vocabularly, narrative writing, and different varieties of sentences while also exhibiting how challenges can be overcome and how to face them. Students will also be finishing their personal narrative about their summer.

RELIGION--------> Students are encorporating five types of prayer to their own prayer writing (prayer of petition, prasie, thanksgiving, blessing, and intercession). Students will also begin activities with events before Christ. 

SOCIAL STUDIES--------> The students will be understanding the role of geography in social studies as well as the five themes of geography and how that encompasses an entire region or place. In addition, the class will read, investigate, and discuss articles in Scholastic News. 

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  • Please try to have your students bring water bottles to class. This elimates time for the water fountain and also keeps your child healthy and hydrated. 

Upcoming Dates:

Sept. 13th- Reading and Spelling Tests

  • Sept. 19th- Back to School Night (7:00 - 9:00pm)

Sept. 20th- Reading and Spelling Tests

  • Sept. 20th- Armenian Independence Day
  • Oct. 18th- School Closed


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