Educational Philosophy

Philosophy of Education
Stefanie Ogden

The love of wisdom coming from a childlike sense of wonder is better known as philosophy. This love of wisdom makes you think more in depth and to not be afraid to ask questions. A true philosopher knows that they know very little, so they seek to find answers and gain knowledge to better their selves. The process by which humans develop their minds, their skills, and their character is known as education. The two seem to go hand and hand, but when they come together it is a wonderful thing. Throughout life’s journeys you are faced with many questions, answers and knowledge; but how you use these opportunities may determine your outcome in life.

           Some of the greatest teachers in life have been philosophers. Great teachers not only provide knowledge, they are open and willing to gain knowledge from their students and experiences. Great teachers help to spark the mind, challenge students to think, provide great opportunities, and give their students an experience of a lifetime. A great teacher should make all students want to learn, gain knowledge, and seek answers to better themselves. Learning should be a fun continual development throughout life. The ultimate philosophy of education is when the love of wisdom is passed from the teacher to the student and the student sets out to seek their highest potential throughout life’s educational journey.