Lesson Plans

Teacher Candidate: Miss  Stefanie Ogden 
Randolph Technical Center 
DCT  2/17/10 
WV Content Standards and Objectives 
DCT 1.6.1  
DCT 1.6.4 
Websites: www.benandjerrys.com 
Introductions: Pass out handouts and have students complete worksheet 
Teaching Methods: Lecture, Discussion, Smart Board and Computer integration.

Critical Thinking Questions: Do you think you have what it takes to be a business owner?

Student Activities: 
Have students complete professional worksheet. 
Students will participate in Smart Board activity on entrepreneurship. 
Students will listen to presentation on Ben and Jerry’s  
Students will go out on to the Ben and Jerry’s website to learn more information about these two entrepreneurs. 
Students will then answer a series of questions about entrepreneurship

Assessment of Student Learning 
Students will be assessed on participation through observation. 
Students will also be assessed on answers to questions given to them.  
Strategies for accommodating individual differences 
Activities for verbal, kinesthetic, interpersonal, naturalist and existential learners.


Teacher Candidate: Miss Stefanie Ogden 
School: Randolph Technical Center 
Subject: Diversified Cooperative Training 
Topic: Telephone Etiquette 
Grade: 11-12th 
Date:  3/3/10 
WV Content Standard Objectives:  
DCT 1.2.2 
DCT 1.2.3 
DCT 1.3.4 
Web Sites:   www.pbworks.com     www.thephonecoach.com/#good     http://trianersnotes.com/images/pdfsample.pdf 
Introduction: Have students listen to the Pod Cast on Entrepreneurship. 
Teaching Methods: Lecture, Discussion, Cooperative Groups, Computer Integration with Wiki and Smart Board Technology. 
Critical Thinking Questions:  
Do you know proper telephone etiquette? 
Could you properly answer the phone and take a message at your training site? 
Student Activities:  
Have students listen to Pod Cast on Entrepreneurship. 
Have students brainstorm about what are some inventions used in everyday life. 
Students will break into groups and then give them a bag with some random contents in it. Take 5 minutes to create a product from the materials in the bag. Then take another 5 minutes to identify what the product is and key features. Next have students develop a marketing strategy. Finally the team will deliver a four minute presentation on their product.  
Discuss the inventions they were brainstorming about.  
Have students answer the phone and take a message. Students will also evaluate each other writing down two positives and two negatives on telephone etiquette. Students will break into groups and review over handouts. Students are to do a self evaluation on how well they did.  
Students are to complete the exercise on telephone habits.  
Students will then complete work on the wiki. 
Watch leadership videos. 
Assessment of Student Learning:   
Students will be assessed on through observation and interaction.  

Students will be assessed through completion of exercise and wiki.