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Those who read achieve and in turn succeed!Early language and educational experiences for children have been found to be particularly critical to adult literacy levels. Early education activities such as learning nursery rhymes and stories, watching Sesame Street, playing word and number games, being read to at an early age, all positively relate to a students' ability to read. Children who learn to read early typically are better students and have higher reading levels.If our nation's schools are going to have an impact on literacy rates, then clearly all children must be given every possible opportunity to learn to read. Policy makers, teachers and parents alike need to work cooperatively with schools in order to achieve this goal.Therefore, this pathfinder is aimed primarily at educators, parents and college students interested in the fields of librarianship, teaching and children's literature. This pathfinder will assist these groups in their endeavor to enhance the literacy skills and enthusiasm of children to read. Some materials listed below provide effective ways to assist those interested in literacy to gain the knowledge needed to promote literacy for our children. Most materials provided are in print, however, there are some software, video and web links regarding literacy and literacy programs that are listed too. Some are available online, and others can be accessed through public and universities libraries and bookstores.
Thank you for visiting the site, I hope that these tips are useful for you and that your selections for books are appropriate for your reading stages.     Stephanie Waters
Bibliographies are an excellent starting point when trying to find good books and prominent authors in a certain field. The following sources provide such information on Children's Literacy.